Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hoarse of a Different Color

Where the saying comes from, who knows.

Hearty Soup

Yes, those are hearts in the pot. This one didn't come out as clearly as I would have liked.

Heard it Both Ways

Yes, a reference to a TV show.

Futile Feudalism

I did some research for this one since I couldn't remember the building blocks of a feudal society.



Yes this is a reference to a character.

Flying off the Handle, Part 2

Flying off the handle, Part 1

Family Game Night

Yes, that's a combo of Phase Ten, Uno, Poker, Rook, Settlers of Catan, Pit, Go Fish, and apparently Dutch Blitz. I was trying to stick with card games (Settlers is a stretch, but it uses cards), or I would have worked in Mousetrap, Yahtzee, Battleship, Farkle, ...

Dr. Vizzini

Apparently that's how his name is spelled - I had to look it up. If you don't know who Vizzini is... I'm not sure what to say. You really really need to see this film.

Excuse You

A brother of mine had a habit of saying "excuse you" when someone sneezed...

Emperor's New Instrument

Sadly the side of this comic was cut off by my scanner - that's annoying.

Cool Dog

Superman has some fun

If you don't get this... you really need to watch Superman.

Uncommon Sense

His tongue is stuck to the metal sign pole (some people had trouble figuring this one out so maybe I didn't draw it clear enough).

Bar Hopping


As some famous judge once said...

Evolution Fail

Drawing a Blank

Angry Bird

This comic originally had the Baltimore Ravens mascot instead of an Angry Bird, but I altered it for a card that I made for my brother and I think the Angry Bird is more widely recognized than a team mascot.

Cow Tipping, Part 3

Legal Disclaimer: Cow tipping is illegal and this comic does not condone such behavior.

Cow Tipping, Part 2

How many crimes go unsolved due to cow tipping being illegal?

Cow Tipping, Part 1

Cow tipping is illegal in CT, so don't tip them.

Ducks in a Row

Is it all that difficult to get ducks in a row? I guess I'm thinking of ducklings, which tend to follow whatever's in front of them.

Dork Sauce

I was eating Chinese food at a friends house, and someone slurred "pork" and "duck sauce" so"dork sauce" was the result.

Chicken Lips

Dancing with the Stars


Chopped Liver

Why do unappreciated people compare themselves to chopped liver? Researching the phrase could be interesting...

Cat vs Dog

Some people make absolutely no sense.

Wizard of Oz, TomTom Edition

Wouldn't Know It if It Bit Him on the Leg

I heard this phrase in a sermon once - I fail to see why something biting you on the leg makes you know what it is (i.e. "he wouldn't know truth if it came up and bit him on the leg").

Weight Watchers

Upsetting the Lemon Cart