Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thanks a lot

Can you give the gift of giving? It seems like it's worth a shot...


Not a good time for a brain fart.

Captain Oblivious - Marriage

A twist on the popular phrase, which is apparently from a song?

Captain Oblivious to the Not Rescue

Captain Oblivious - Secret Identity Collage

Captain Oblivious - Advice

Well that makes it clear.

Captain Oblivious - Secret Identity Busted

Captain Oblivious - Secret Identity Idol

A reference to a football player.

Captain Oblivious - Secret Identity Nemesis

In the Smallville version, he was bald.

Captain Oblivious - Secret Identity

I heard of Ch-Ch-Ch-ChiaMan at a youth rally when I was younger. It was a reference to a superhero, the likeness of whom is in the comic. So it's not a completely original idea. I would credit the origin creators, but I don't remember the name of the rally.

Captain Oblivious - Applesauce

One of those phrases that I don't really get...

Captain Oblivious Becomes Sir Less-Than-Not-Helpful

Captain Oblivious - Snowboarding

Safety pins - the new duct tape? And I just realized that safety has an 'e' in it...

Captain Oblivious - Cars

A younger brother of mine inspired this comic.