Sunday, January 20, 2013

Colonel Panic

In case you don't know.


Here's the actual definition of the word. Rather strange.


I think bowling alleys should put a crown on one pin in each set of 10, just for fun. And you should get extra points for knocking out the kingpin without hitting any of the others.

Fighting Words

Pulling the Envelope

Didn't know the origin of this saying.

Ducts in a Row

A take on this saying.

Bucket List

Shakespeare Remix

Status Bar

Slightly related to this comic. Also related to this comic. I thought it was more of an original idea when I wrote this - I did not realize how many status bar comics are out there.

Sweeten the Deal

If you don't know what Dextrose it, this won't make sense.

Piece of Cake

Apparently this saying hasn't been around for that long.

Catcher's Mitt

Close enough?

Not a Pretty Face