Thursday, October 14, 2021

How To Win

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 DuoLingo is an app that helps you learn languages! I've learned basic Latin, a little German, and I'm working on Spanish. They are still adding new levels and languages so when you think you've conquered an area, you go back and realize they added special tenses or extra categories. So you can't win. You can just learn! 

A: How do I win this game?
B: That's DuoLingo??
A: ¿Yes?
B: ... you're doing great.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Eau de Ewww

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Happy Birthday to my niece! She is not the child pictured in this comic :) 
What is Eau de Ewww? It's earthy with sulfuric notes. 

A: What is that awful smell?
L: Eau de Eww.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Chesapeake Chocolate Chip


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I forget how this came up but no, I have not tried it. The savory with the sweet just doesn't seem right to me. For those unaware, Old Bay is a very popular seasoning in Maryland and whenever something is labeled as "Chesapeake" or "Maryland" then they probably put Old Bay on it (chips, marinade, etc.). We keep a small container of Old Bay next to the salt and pepper shakers on our table, so I guess we're true Marylanders. 

A: I use Old Bay as a replacement for salt.
B: Well, that explains why these cookies taste... unique.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Factual Checkboxes


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So this was inspired by my husband sharing an article with me that was blatantly false, where the reporter and all those sharing/retweeting it did absolutely no fact checking. Minimal retractions, if any, were issued once the falsehoods came to light (by the institution involved clearing the record with what was actually going on). Bleh, it's just frustrating when articles are lying or extremely misleading - so many people are led astray. 

So this is a more serious comic but maybe you can find some humor in it? My husband and I can now respond with "it's not one of the boxes" when the situation fits, so that's a little humorful. 

A: Why did you publish this article?
B: It checked all of the boxes!
A: But it's not factual?
B: That's not one of the boxes!

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Seagulls and Baby


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I thought this up when my daughter was finally sleeping after crying about it (she is in a stage when she fights sleep at least half the time). I think the seagulls from Finding Nemo are just so iconic. 

When the baby is being cute: *seagulls all saying "MINE"*
When the baby is crying: *seagulls all saying "YOURS"*

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Wild Caught Boba

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Happy Birthday Eve to my nephew!
We were at a Vietnamese restaurant with some friends and I thought this one up. No, we did not ask this. Yes, you totally should dress up all fancy and go to your local boba kiosk at the mall and ask. Please let me know how it goes. Also, it took me a while (possibly years) to know what bubble tea is and then also to realize that it's shortened to 'boba' by the cool adults. I have had it once and the tapioca pearls grossed me out - I did not like the texture. But I know many people like it, so you do you.

The joke is that bubble tea (boba) has tapioca pearls, which are little jelly blobs of pudding. The customer thinks that tapioca pearls come from oysters like normal pearls, when in fact they are just called pearls for their shape. 

Good Sir: Are your pearls wild-caught?
Server: My dude, we sell boba. 

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Fish Genes

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Shows how little I know? Sometimes derailing a conversation is the best way to handle a situation. 

Also, Happy Birthday to my oldest little Brother! It's so weird that he's turning into an adult. 

M: They put fish genes in strawberries!!!
L: ... I didn't even know fish wore jeans.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Nail Trimming

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It's a double-feature! There's just never a good time to trim the baby's nails. But it seems they need to be trimmed every other day, so you just have to pick a time and go for it. 

Title: Parenting Life
Mom1: I should trim your nails, but you're so happy currently...
Baby1: *cooing*
Mom2: I should trim your nails, but you're so angry currently...
Baby2: *screaming*

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Off Flavor


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I don't recall what sparked this comic, but I don't believe it tasted all that good. You know when you can't tell what something is trying to be but you know it just isn't hitting it? Or it's trying to be something you've never wanted to taste, like durian or lychee. 

A: What flavor is this?
B: Hmmm... Off.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Leeky Soup


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So first off - leeks are tasty. They look like giant chives (green onions) and are perfect for adding to soups. But secondly, they are quite large and chopping the white and light green portions of one leek gives you way more than one cup of goods. I had too many ingredients to add to my pressure cooker, so we had to split it between that and a Dutch oven. It all worked out in the end, only a little panic in the middle, and now I know to measure as I chop and save off the excess instead of just mixing it all in (but then I had plenty of leftovers and that's always a good plan). Also I did this when my parents and brothers were visiting so my mom is guest starring in this comic. Hi Mom!

L2: Well, it wanted two cups of chopped leeks but I chopped up two whole leeks.
L1: It's gonna be a leeky soup!

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Boundless Art

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So I did a painting recently of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and it's that phrase surrounded by stars and diamonds on a background of a star-filled sky. (Official artwork for that song is super trippy.) To do the background, I painted my canvas dark blue then flicked the canvas with white paint - it turned out pretty nice. I might have added some dots as well to balance things out - I do that sometimes with flicked paints. But after flicking, I looked at my black office chair and... there was some stars over there. But it's ok - it came out fine (both the painting and the chair cleaning). 

L: True art knows no bounds!
M: You got paint on my chair. 

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Out of Containment


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So our little one has had some blowouts of massive proportions and this comic just sprang into my mind. Usually she passes gas so forcefully I just don't see how it could be contained, but that's what the diaper is built for so usually it holds it all in. But sometimes it fails. 

The phrase "asset out of containment" is used in the Jurassic World franchise to say a dinosaur has escaped. I'm using the phrase in this comic in reference to poop getting out of the diaper.

L1: Let's hope no assets are out of containment!

Thursday, September 16, 2021

The One Whom My Soul Loves


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Happy Birthday Eve to me! Also, the mouseover is totally worth it for this one. As for the passage that I'm quoting here, well, use caution when quoting from Song of Solomon. There's a lot of... interesting stuff going on in there. And the baby is awake again! So much for this blurb.

M: *humming the Spider-Man theme while setting the table*
L: I have found the one whom my soul loves. [Song of Solomon 3:4a]

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Dinos are a Girl's Best Friend Part 2


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Well when you think of it that way... We don't what carbon was compacted to make the diamonds. From the Biblical event of the Flood, all sorts of carbon was plunged beneath the flood waters. I had more to write, but the baby is crying so I need to go get her up from her nap. Glad she slept for as long as she did!

L: You know the saying - dinos are a girl's best friend.
B: You mean diamonds?
L: Where do you think the carbon came from?
B: Oh...

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Dinos are a Girl's Best Friend Part 1


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I misheard this phrase and now like this version better. I might paint a canvas of it, with a dinosaur in a flower crown and the phrase artfully written somewhere around the dinosaur. I have a little makeup pouch from Kohl's that has dinosaurs in flower crowns - it's from the Lauren Conrad brand and it makes me so happy that there are dinosaurs in her jewelry and such. Most of her brand is floral breezy pieces, but there are some dinosaurs and that's amazing. Also, "dinos" is a shortened form of "dinosaurs" and I don't know why spell-checker isn't liking it. 

L: You know the saying - dinos are a girl's best friend.
A: You mean diamonds?
L: No, pretty sure it's dinos. 

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Meat Loaf


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So this is probably why in the previous comic I thought meatloaf and beefcake were synonymous. Turns out I confused myself. Meatloaf is something I believe I've only had in a college mess hall - and that was just because I was curious as to what I was missing. I in fact was not missing anything. I'm sure there are ways to make it tasty but the mass produced variety was not enticing. My family ate golabki instead and it is much better than meatloaf :) I never remember how to spell it since we pronounce it like 'golumpkie.' So tasty, just make the meat dumplings and wrap them in cabbage and stew them in tomato for a few hours. 

A: Wow, what a meatloaf 💓
B: I think you mean beefcake?

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Olive Loaf


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Happy early Birthday to my Mom! I'm pretty sure I had olive loaf (the lunch meat kind) when I was a kid which would mean she bought it for us and I don't have negative memories of eating it but now looking at pictures of olive loaf I'm getting kinda grossed out. Who would have thought to inject cold cut lunch meat with olives? Also I'm looking at the olive loaf bread, which is just perfectly fine bread with huge olive warts coming out of it, and I'm wondering why that was done as well. Maybe it tastes good. Hopefully. Not sure if they still make olive loaf meats at the deli - maybe I'll look next time I'm at the store. I usually just get ham and some sort of salami, nothing too adventurous like the spicy pineapple ham they were selling last time I was there - I'm not a fan of spicy or pineapple so that was an easy nope. Is a beefcake a type of food? NOPE I was thinking it was a term that could be used for meatloaf but it is in fact just a term for muscular guys. Not sure how it originated but don't really want to research that.

F: Some guys are beefcakes, others are more...
G: Olive loaf?

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Armpit of Florida


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Happy new school year to those in that section of their life! I recently saw a friend post that Hurricane Katrina was 16 years ago and wow, that was my welcome-to-college experience and it doesn't feel like it should be that long ago but yeah, apparently it was. Anyways, I went to school in Pensacola and that's what this comic is about (Pensacola is up in the panhandle and nearly in Alabama). I'm not a fan of the sun, sand, water, or humidity, so Pensacola was not where I thrived. I did like the college ice rink - that was a fun place to be. 

L: Bleh - who would want to live in Florida?
M: You went to college in the armpit of Florida; there are many areas that are a bit nicer. 

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Twenty Dollar Bill

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On a related note (pun pun pun), I'm glad our insurance covers most of our appointments. Now I kinda want to look into why bill can mean what I have to pay someone and also paper money and also a shortening of "William" which does not have the letter 'b' in it anywhere. I recall overhearing a group talking about how British or Medieval names change the first letter in the diminutive (i.e. Margaret to Peggy) and William would fit that. 

Explanation of the comic is that Mark opened the mail and found a bill from our dentist. I thought he was meaning a $20 green note but he was in fact meaning we needed to pay $20 to our dentist since insurance or previous payments didn't quite cover everything. I mean, it would have been odd for our dentist to send cash to us so the payment request makes much more sense.

HAPPY SEPTEMBER! It's the most wonderful time of the year!

M: The dentist sent us a twenty dollar bill.
L: Yay!
M: No, not that kind.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Baby Toe Socks


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It's an effective word picture. There's a reason babies don't get gloves with fingers, they just have mittens. It's hard enough getting loose clothing on a baby - our kid has started the grabby phase so she's grabbing the inside of sleeves as you're trying to slide them on or off and yeah, not the easiest task there. Now I kinda want to see if anyone has made toe socks for babies. Do places even make toe socks for adults anymore? It wasn't a very good idea to start with but they were popular back when I was in high school. Now I want to see. Ah, they are specialty items for preventing toe blisters when exercising. And now Google and Amazon think I want toe socks. I don't - I remember wearing them in high school and thinking, there's something between my toes. All of my toes. It's distracting. 

A: What do you think of my idea?
B: That's as ridiculous as toes socks on a baby. 

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Adults Have First Names

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I remember having a conversation like this either when I was in college or had just graduated. It's really weird to start calling people by their first names when you've been using titles for the past twenty years or so. And then you also have to learn their first names, not just Mr. Williams or Melody's Dad. Yes, that's a sci-fi reference there. And then you're working with these people in ministry and kids start using a title with your name and it's weird and you've joined the other side! Now you're gonna start sympathizing with the parents in children's movies! 

D: So, Mr. Williams -
R: Call me Rory - you've graduated college so you're an adult now.
D: I?

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Protein Cupcakes

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Before my recent family vacation, my sister stopped by with her family. My nephew forgot the word for muffin but he found a way to still communicate it. He said he wanted to save one for me but he ate them all because they were good. I can understand that - it's hard to keep some for later when they're super tasty. And now I want to go find a snack....

A: We made protein cupcakes!
L: So, muffins?
A: Yep!

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Lychee Leeches

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 I don't recall how lychee came up on our family vacation, but it did.  I am not a fan of lychee OR leeches. Lychee tastes too floral for me - I'm not a fan of rose or jasmine teas either (I've only had lychee in a drink). The leeches aversion is just common sense - I don't like any of the blood suckers or slug-like creatures, and combining the two categories is a hard pass. My sister-in-law knew a doctor that had medicinal leeches, so there are still those who use them but I think that's gross. I guess it's good that they found a use for them? Bleh.

M: I love lychee!
E: Leeches?
S: So slimy either way. 

Sunday, August 22, 2021

North & South

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 On the recent family vacation, there was a desire by some to watch North & South. I crocheted from another room and tried to not make comments because it's really not my type of show (I'm not a fan of period dramas, or really any dramas). I did watch a little bit because I recognized the voice of the main actor (he was Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit) but not enough to follow all the misunderstandings that were being had. Because dramas always have loads of misunderstandings and that's frustrating. But if that's your cup of tea, go for it. I get that many people like things that I don't like, and also that I like things that others don't like, but we can all enjoy the enjoyment people get when they get what they like. That is a rather complicated sentence to say don't rain on someone's parade just because it's not your favorite one - let them enjoy their parade. 

Title: *Watching "North & South"*
S: Her mother is dying so they sent for her brother.
K: What is she dying from?
L: Mesothelioma. 

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Chicken Stick Time


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Another one from our family vacation, this one courtesy of a conversation where I only heard part of the dialog. I know we were eating chicken tenders that night, so that could be the chicken stick in question, but I'm still not sure how it's a measure of time. I do enjoy hearing random parts of conversations that just sound so wild with no context. I had an example of one I overheard recently, possibly when I was in Target, but I don't recall what was said - just that it was weird and unexpected. 

S: My attention span is shorter than a chicken stick.
L: I have so many questions from that statement. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Blood Relatives


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On our recent family vacation, a nephew made an interesting comment which revealed that he doesn't know what a blood relative is. I thought about telling him that I'm not his blood relative (he is my husband's sister's kid) but refrained. And the brother-in-law in this comic is now engaged to said girlfriend, so I guess she's one step closer to being a blood relative per our nephew? I'm not sure what he thinks a marriage license is or does, but he might be disappointed that there's no blood involved (some places still do blood typing so there's that). 

P: Nephew, this is my girlfriend.
J: You're not a blood relative - yet.
K: *concerned*

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Raised in a Barn


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Way back in the day, my dad renovated a barn into a house and that's where I was raised. We always closed our doors and my mom tried really hard to teach us our manners (we were not a very receptive audience). This saying doesn't make sense to me but I've heard variants of it all my life so I'm finally going to look it up. Oh, it means you have the manners of a barnyard animal. I guess that kinda makes sense - the animals didn't close the doors or use their manners. 

This is the start of a few comics that I thought up on our recent family vacation - this comic was inspired by little nephews and nieces leaving the back doors open. 

M: Why are all of these doors open?
E: Because we raised our kids in a barn.
L: That's an untrue stereotype.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Filberts vs Peanuts


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I had a container of mixed nuts that I had used to make peanut butter (technically nut butter since it wasn't just peanuts) but then I made cookies that called for peanut butter so I used my home-made kind and since I was sending the cookies to a friend I wanted to list what all was in them and that's how I found out about filberts and thought up this comic. Also, making your own peanut butter is super easy - dump the nuts in a food processor and blend beyond what you think is necessary. That's all - no extra ingredients (can add salt if desired) and if you get a nice jar of nuts (i.e. a screw on lid) then you can use that jar to hold the nut butter. And you can use whatever nuts you want! 

M: This mix has peanuts, walnuts, filberts, -
L: Isn't that a comic strip?
M: Filberts, not Dilbert.
L: I was referring to Peanuts :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Namaste in Your Lane

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I don't do yoga so I actually wrote this comic with "Lamaste" instead of "Namaste" and thankfully caught it before scheduling. This comic came about because I saw a statue in some eclectic store (possibly TJ Maxx) of a dog in the position above and the phrase just appeared in my head and struck me as funny. "Namaste" is a phrase people use as a greeting in yoga (it's Hindu in origin). This comic is also funny because there's a position in yoga called 'downward facing dog' so saying a dog can't do yoga when there's a position named after dogs is humorous to me. I'd also like to add, it's a little difficult to draw a dog in that cross-legged position because it's very unnatural and also I draw stick figures (tried with a stick figure dog and it was too vague). 

P: I don't think dogs should do yoga.
D: Namaste in your lane, bro. 

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Trunk Control


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My kid does have excellent trunk control for her age, but now I'm wondering why your torso and solid luggage share the name 'trunk' but then it hit me that they also share the name 'chest' and I'm wondering if I'm on to something here... And once you bring in an elephant's nose, it just gets confusing. Is it their nose? What exactly is an elephant's trunk? They use it to pick up things, so that's not what noses do, and I think they suck up water with it but do they spray it into their mouth or just ingest it through their trunk? Now I have to find answers. Ok, per Wikipedia it's a proboscis which is a type of nose in vertebrate (backbone) animals and it is used to bring food and water to the mouth, breath, and pick up things. And all that to say, 'trunk control' is a term used on babies to describe how well they can hold themselves up and move their torso. 

S: Your daughter has great trunk control!
L: ... She is not an elephant. 

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Technically Stupid


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I don't recall what I was actually trying to say in this situation, but there are many things that fit this scenario. 

L: I'm forgetting the technical term for that.
M: Stupid?
L: Well yes, but that's not the official name.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Elementary Mistake


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When we have time, video games are nice way to relax. Mark usually plays on his computer but that is difficult to draw so just like before, I re-imaged it as a hand-held device like the Switch. I don't recall the game or the mistake that inspired this comic, but now I am wondering what constitutes the different grade levels of mistakes - what separates an elementary mistake from, say, a high school or college level one. That could be interesting to explore. I don't think I will, but let me know if you come up with a scale. 

M: Well that was an elementary mistake.
L: You should at least be at middle school mistakes by now. 

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Metro Baby


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Happy Anniversary to my amazing husband! I'm not sure what we're doing this year, but it will likely be a day trip with our little one. Not sure if we will drive somewhere or take mass transit - unsure how Lucy will handle either (she hasn't been on a long car trip as of the time of writing - just local errands and locations like church or friends' houses). We might find something to do by looking at a local blog - Mid-Atlantic Day Trips. The author has a lot of great travel tips and locations, and we have found several nice local spots by looking there. 

L: I wonder if Lucy will like riding the Metro.
M: If she doesn't, nobody else will!

Thursday, July 29, 2021


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This one is a very old idea that I finally drew and then took even longer to finally post it. We were down in the Harbor area (and it's been over a year since we've been to Harborplace) and there was a store with a massive salt grinder for sale and I just had to make this pun. "Uh, salt" sounds like "assault" and that's why this is funny to me. I hope it is funny to you as well. And now I kinda want to draw a comic about a two footed salt grinder and a miscue on its size since it's small but has two feet. Not sure how well that would translate to page though. 

On a related note, this is a very confusing way to list your hours: 

I spent over a minute trying to see what the difference was in the Monday hours from the Tue-Sat hours. 

L: Who even needs a two-foot salt grinder?
M: For when you need to, uh, salt someone. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Communication Failure


Apparently there have been some communication mix-ups with our daughter's name. I think everyone has it straight now, so I hope this comic doesn't further any confusion. As for the movie Luca, I wrote a review about it on my other blog - I liked it! A cute movie, not too scary for kiddos since it is aimed at them. And now the next time someone asks if we shortened Lucy's name, I'm gonna try to say her full name is Luchador but I'm not sure if I'll follow through with that (see the mouse-over). Or I could say Lucy is short for Luighseach (that's the Irish spelling of Lucy). But for real, her name is Lucy. 

L: So then Lily -
J: You mean Lacey?
A: I like LUCA!
B: My name's Lucy!

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Sound Mixers


I thought this up in our church's sound booth. Sound mixers and kitchen mixers are vastly different tools. Now I'm wondering what a kitchen tool that mixed sounds would look like - how to give it input, get the mixer mixing, and get the output. I feel that could be a cool picture but I'm not up for drawing it - maybe someone else will be inspired to do so. 

A: Where are your sound mixers? Do you carry analog ones?
W: Sir, this is a KitchenAidⓇ store. 

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Non Flying Colors


Now I really want to know what this phrase means. Apparently it is a nautical term, referencing ships returning to harbor with their flag (colors) either raised (success) or lowered (failure). So, Mr. Sarcastic Stick Figure, the colors referencing your your test were lowered rather than sitting on the ground. And I'm not sure if that totally works but we're gonna say it does. And yes, per the dedication in the lower right corner, my husband came up with this one. We were sitting at his parents house and I don't recall the conversation but he made this comment and we all took a moment to get it.

T: You did not pass with flying colors.
S: Were they sitting on the ground?

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Sleep and Cry

Sometimes it is cathartic to cry along, but really sometimes you just need to put the baby in her crib and walk away for a bit when she is inconsolable or, as one of my relatives would say, insoluble. It is nice when I can take a nap when the baby is taking a nap, but most of the time I would like to use that little window to work on projects around the house, like cleaning or drawing or any number of things that weigh on my mind as they don't get done. It is nice that she is sleeping well during the night - that makes us so much more well rested. But I am getting accustomed to segmented sleep, it seems, and I did not realize that is a divisive topic (loads of articles asking if it's good or bad). Well, I hope it's good because it's what all the new parents are doing. Can't really get around that when your kid needs food every few hours. 

W: Just remember - sleep when the baby sleeps.
M: Yep, and cry when the baby cries.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Signs to Wonder


My group at church is reading through the New Testament (using a plan on YouVersion) and we had this discussion over Acts 8. I highly recommend the YouVersion app - it has a wide selection of devotionals which greatly vary on their excellence so choose carefully. It also has many versions, so you can see how different translators handled a given section. It has bookmarks, highlights, and comments so you can make remarks or log your sermon notes. It is a great tool to use as you make your journey through the Bible.

C: What can we learn from the signs and wonders of Acts 8?
N: We should put up signs so people don't wonder.
B: Or wander. 

Thursday, July 15, 2021

No Time Likes the Present


Should the present be happy about this?
He's kinda cute with his enthusiasm. 

Is this another Throw Back Thursday with a sketched comic? Why yes it is! Will there be more? That (like that joke about glass coffins) remains to be seen. 

There is something rather therapeutic about sketching on paper that just doesn't carry over to digital drawing, at least for me. Back in the day when I started doing comics (about a decade ago), I would pencil them in on paper, then ink them, then either scan them in or take a picture of them, then crop and edit, then we were good to go! It's a lot of steps and with these ones I just did the penciling then snapped a picture, edited (added my url), and called it good. Maybe I'll digitalize it eventually, who knows. I do like the longer process, but it takes time that I don't really have currently since I have a small child. 

I thought this one up while waiting in line for my Sunday morning pastries at Roggenart. They now have two locations but we are sticking to the usual one because it's close to the park in which we like to eat our pastries. It's a great way to start your Sunday. I don't remember why the phrase "no time like the present" was used, but I slightly misheard it and that's how this comic happened. 

*three clocks (an old fashioned alarm clock, a pocket watch, and a wrist watch) are frowning at a gift. In the second image, the gift is smiling*
Title: No time likes the present

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Parental Stressors


This might be a direct quote from a sibling conversation about an upcoming vacation. I don't remember what the topic was, might have been movie selection or day trips. I mean, if you can't avoid something, why not cause it? I'm reminded of a scene from a time-travel show (spoiler - it's this one) where a character postulates that if an extinction level event (i.e. a fixed point that cannot change) is about to happen, it doesn't matter what you do right before it since everything is still going to be wiped out (outcome remains the same). Also, there are a lot of time travel shows currently. It seems Marvel has realized their best storylines are all complete so they're going back and revisiting them via time travel. At least they aren't like X-Men and just redoing their movies via Origin Stories? There was a non-superhero time travel tv show called Timeless that I liked - very nice wardrobe and decent acting but the storyline was a little confusing since they got cancelled at least twice and then surprise renewed. I don't know if we actually watched the whole thing - we might have dropped off after one of the cancelations. 

N: Mom's gonna flip if we do that.
S: Mom's gonna flip anyways.
L: Can't prevent it - might as well cause it.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Coming Soon


When does this even show up?

Wondering what verse that is? Here it is! Wondering what show this is? It's The Chosen! I watched the first season before our baby arrived and then watched it again with my husband afterwards. We are now watching the second season and I like it a lot! I should write a full review on my other blog since that's where I put my movie reviews (don't think I've done a TV show review yet but why not start now!) but I can do a small review here. 

So first things first, there is no episode named "Coming Soon" - that's the filler title they use because they list how many episodes a season has but they drop the new one on a weekly basis. This is a show about the life of Christ told through His interactions with His disciples and those who closely followed Him. The site says "See Jesus through the eyes of those that met Him" and that's a great synopsis. They are planning on seven seasons which means yes, they are adding a lot of details that are not given in the Biblical account. If you want a show that just says what's in the Bible, then maybe just read the Bible? The added details and stories are Biblically, historically, and culturally sound so maybe think of the show as Historical Fiction rather than a straight retelling of the Biblical narrative. I like the show and recommend watching it, but more importantly know what's in the Bible. Maybe watching the show can help you when you read the Bible to 'see' the characters and how they could have interacted with each other. I think it's similar to a Sight &Sound production but different in that television vs theater way (i.e. they have a lot more time to give details).

L: The next episode is called "Matthew 4:24" and after that is "Coming Soon" - hey, all the following episodes are named that, how confusing to reuse titles!
M: *facepalm*

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Clogged Ducks

Moms hate them. I drew this and was going to digitalize but I like the sketchy look. The ducks are wearing classic Dutch shoes called clogs. A common problem with breastfeeding is getting clogged ducts, which are super painful and I have been getting quite often which is very unfortunate. Pray for the moms of infants that you know - they probably are suffering with this. Also suffering with a child that won't stop crying. On that note, time to mind the baby.

*image of two ducks wearing clogs*
Clogged Ducks

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Tooter Queen

Comic goes here?

We got our daughter's name from Queen Lucy the Valiant, who is an excellent character from the Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. The Tudors were a royal house in England. Our daughter, like most babies, has gas and therefore is a tooter. And that's how this comic happened :) I need to watch what I eat to know if something I ate is causing the gas she is having, but there's a lag between when I eat something and when it gets processed into breast milk, so it's difficult to pin point any connections. Also, when I'm nursing her and she's tooting, it's quite strong and I can't get away. Such is life. 

P: To which royal family does your Queen Lucy belong?
M: The Narnian -
L: THE TUDORS! (Tooters)

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Apocalypse Movie Idea


I quite frankly don't remember what spawned this idea. But there's always disaster movies around Independence Day, right? Happy Independence Day :) 

Title: Apocalypse Movie Idea
A: Oh on! The dead are rising!
B: How many of them are out there? Can you get a head count?
A: Well... they don't all have heads...

And a rare Behind-The-Scenes making-of-a-comic: