Thursday, December 30, 2021

Kneecap of the Woods

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Who decided the woods have a neck? Fascinating! "The word neck, in this case, refers to a narrow area of land, woods, or pasture and is an American term dating from the 1700s." So it's not like someone drew a person outline over a map and the desired location happened to line up with the neck. I figured it was something like that, hence this comic. Learn something new every day!

Explanation: I thought with the phrase "neck of the woods" one could replace "neck" with any other body part. I was wrong, but I highly doubt most people know the 1700's definition of "neck" so I think we could still make this catch on - say you're from the kneecap or shoulder blade of the woods when people ask where the  New Years Eve party is. 

M: Is that in your neck of the woods?
P: No, the kneecap.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Hair Gel

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She really likes to grab hair. She thinks it's the best. Also, her hands are always sticky. Probably due to how much she drools and sticks random things in her mouth. 

P: Your hair looks different - did you use gel?
L: Nope - sticky baby hands. 

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Going to Grandma's House

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Is this common in other households, to refer to your grandparents' house as Grandma's House even though both grandparents live there? 

M: We are going to Grandma's house.
L: Grandpa lives there, too.

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Up on the Housetop

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Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful holiday and don't get the wrong lyrics stuck in your head :) Granted, 'pause' and 'paws' sound the same but the mental image always derails my thoughts and I lose track of the song. Hey, that's a pretty good railroad pun there, with derail and track. Anyways, I always thought the lyrics were 'reindeer paws' as in that's what's clicking on the rooftop but they don't have paws so I just thought the lyrics were taking artistic liberty. It was only recently I looked up the lyrics and found out what they really are. Oh well, maybe someday I can think of the reindeer pausing so good old Santa Claus can jump out on the rooftop, rather than them having paws. 

S: ♪ Up on the housetop reindeer pause - ♪
L: Reindeer don't have paws - they have hooves. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Christmas Crime

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Are you familiar with a classic German marzipan log? It took me a while to find the listing because I don't know where my mom-in-law gets her German chocolate for Christmas - possibly Aldi's and now I want to swing by there and see what they have for Christmas candy. You should look up if there's a German Christmas Village or Market near you - they open seasonally and have the best chocolate and all sorts of little crafts and treats. And maybe a huge wheel of melty cheese! You never know. Tis the season.

A: You know what's a real crime?
B: Putting serving sizes on Christmas candy.
A: Everybody knows you're gonna eat the whole marzipan log!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Little Drummer Boy Drama

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I don't totally recall what inspired this one, since I drew it last year after Christmas when it was too late to post, but thinking of the term 'beep boxing' makes me smile :) Since beatboxing is 'vocal percussion', technically "The Little Drummer Boy" has a beatboxing element with the "Pa rum pum pum pum" part. So there's that. But now I want to call it beep boxing. 

M: I cannot BELIEVE the kids choir is BEEP BOXING in the Christmas program!!!
U: Ma'am... no. And it's a classic rendition of "The Little Drummer Boy."

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Do You Hear What I Hear

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I have always thought, since listening to the lyrics, that the song "Do You Hear What I Hear" is quite odd. The night wind talking to a little lamb, maybe that's happened since we don't know what sheep know. But the lamb talking to his shepherd boy? Unlikely. Then that shepherd having a direct line to the mighty king? But the king to his people everywhere - that is acceptable. But anyways, it's a popular song. Also, the line from the shepherd here is from another song. "Shepherds, why this jubilee?"

Title: Ok, I should tell the Mighty King
Shepherd Boy: What the gladsome tidings be, Little Lamb?
Little Lamb: I heard about a star from the night wind.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

What the Gladsome

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Now I want to slip this into a conversation. It will probably derail the conversation as people try to recall what song is being quoted. It's a great line, both in the song and in a random conversation. I feel like I've posted a similar comic but I can't find it, and also I drew this one last year after Christmas since usually I get all the ideas for a holiday comic after the holiday. So I just draw them, file them away, and try to remember in a year that I am prepared this time. Also, I drew two comics about this phrase and the second one will be posted next so stay tuned! Haha, like a song, tuned. 

A: How do I festively ask "what the heck is going on?!"
B: "What the gladsome tidings be?!"

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Month of Broken Hallelujahs

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The song being sung here is "Broken Hallelujah" which, while a pretty tune in my opinion, is not Biblically sound. It blends David and Samson, I don't understand all the lyrics which means I probably don't want to, and overall not actually about Christmas but it's sung around Christmas. Now I want to know why. Here's a theory. Nothing conclusive, basically people don't listen to lyrics and also change the lyrics via covers so now it's played at Christmas even though it's about lost love. But it has a pretty tune. 

My comic here is just the fact that "March" is an action (to march forward in victory) and also a month (right before April). 

A: 𝆕 Love is not a victory march 𝆕 -
B: Is it a victory April? 

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Overheard at Food Trucks

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 Our local firehouse does Food Truck Fridays during the not winter (April to November), and it's excellent - usually around six to ten trucks line up in the firehouse's parking lot and the firehouse opens their main hall for seating. You get use to the regular trucks and it's always exciting when a new one shows up! But the regulars are good, too. And many have dessert so that's super tasty! I look forward to the trucks returning next year. 

Title: Overheard at Food Trucks
Child: Are there chicken nuggets in there?!
Parent: It's falafel, dear.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Sixth Day of Christmas

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Yes it's the seventh of December but this comic posts on Sun Tues Thurs so it happened to not line up with the sixth. This is based on a true story - when we were looking for a house last year, there was one that we didn't even venture inside because we did a quick check of the yard and there was a fully fenced in back yard with chickens and geese happily milling about. I hear that means the grass would be very fertile but it just struck us as odd that the listing didn't mention anything about the backyard barnyard. Also there was a retention pond right there without a fence or anything around it, so that was also a negative mark on the house. 

♩♪ On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me - six geese a-laying ♪𝅗𝅥

R: And this house will have you totally prepared for the sixth day of Christmas!
M: Yeah, we're gonna pass.
L: Hard pass.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Nap Pass

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Happy belated birthday to my sister!
Some days it be like that. But there was a time recently where she refused to nap so I just let her play but then she was SUPER tired and also SUPER hungry and she was crying so hard she couldn't nurse but she was too tired to stop and it was truly a mess. Now I know what happens when she skips a nap. It was rough. (I was eventually able to calm her down enough so she could feed and immediately fall asleep.)

The phrase "hard pass" always reminds me of the TV show "Lethal Weapon" - in one episode there is a wedding of an annoying character and one of the lead characters declines by writing "hard pass" on the RSVP. 

M: Did you try putting her down for a nap?
L: Yep, it was a hard bass.
L2: *babbling*

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Gassy Giant


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I had to look up if stars were gassy giants, and they indeed are not - it is a classification of planets. There are so many things up in space - so much to explore! But are stars just big balls of gas, like Timon and Pumba say in the first Lion King? Now I could look that up or I could leave that up to the readers - I'm gonna choose the latter so I can wrap this up and feed my gassy giant. 

A: Aw, your little girl is a star!
L: She's more like a planet - a gassy giant. 

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Candle Holding


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I don't know the origin of this phrase but I can look it up. All I can find actually is the definition, but not the origin? I know it's used in a Relient K song - "Can't hold a candle to her, cause all the moths get in the way." Wait I FOUND IT. It is referencing the lowest apprentice would be the one who holds the candle for the master since that's all they're good for, so if you can't even hold a candle then you're truly worthless? So holding a candle to tell the worth of something is not really a valid test. But I did not know this before looking it up, so it's an understandable mistake I think. 

A: How good in that product?
B: I held a candle to it and nothing happened so... ?

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Butter Ball

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 I may have mentioned previously that we usually bring a salad to family functions (we make really good salads). This comic came to mind when I saw a turkey butter sculpture in the grocery store and thought about other things to sculpt out of butter (like a massive cow a la Big E). One pound of butter is four sticks, which means a 12lb butterball is 48 sticks of butter. Now that I think of it like that, the butter ball in the picture should probably be bigger. But now I'm curious how big a sphere that would be and not sure how to go about finding out unless someone else has let their curiosity get the best of them... Nope, Google keeps correcting "ball of butter" to "butterball" and pulling up turkey recipes. But now I want to know... seven sticks wide by seven sticks tall would be 49, then figure it as a sphere instead of a wall... this is not why I minored in math but it is helpful. I'm devoting too much brain power to this - making it three-dimensional is hard.

A: Why do you have a huge sphere of butter?
B: My mom asked me to make a 12 pound butter ball for Thanksgiving.
A: oh NO.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Grape Full


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Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy time with your friends and family, and thank the Lord for all He has done for you!

I asked my editor (my husband) what he thought of this comic and he basically groaned so I take that as a good sign - a successful pun. I thought it up at a luncheon when I was struggling to focus so I was tracing the maple leaf on my paper napkin then I thought about grape leaves and then this comic came into my head and was written on the napkin.
I focus better when I'm able to doodle - working from home was great with that because even with the camera on, they couldn't see my hands so I could doodle away during meetings. There was one time I was in a meeting, doodling away, and my Project Manager mentioned something about how I was good at drawing pictures and I thought "Oh NO they can SEE what I'm DOING" but really he was just talking about some graphs and charts I had made for the project all professionally - he was not referencing my comics and critters doodled on the back of a page-a-day calendar. 

A: How do you feel about your abundant vines?
B: I'm very grape-full. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Python Math

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A little late, but yay my finger has healed to the point where typing is not painful, so that was only a few days out of commission. Still keeping it wrapped to limit movement and avoid catching the split on anything. 

 Before any panic ensues, the Python in question is a programming language. Why is it called python? That's a great question and I need to look that up. Haha, I NEVER would have guess that. Here's the link. The programming language is named after Monty Python's Flying Circus. As for this comic, I don't recall the article I read that inspired it. I learned Python for some tasks at my last job, and I don't recall having any issues with math in it but I was not using it for math functions - I was retrieving, modifying, and returning data with it. But since I was learning the language, I read a lot of articles on it and somehow this comic came into being. 

L: The more I learn about Python math, the more I just don't want to know.
R: Snakes can do math now?!?!?

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Triple Ginger

 I sketched this out and didn't get around to inking or digitalizing because I just really like it and wanted to post it quickly. Triple Ginger Cookies are delicious and have ground ginger, crystallized ginger, and fresh ginger in them. Here's a recipe

This comic was semi-inspired by a meme I saw about a person reading a recipe and getting to the ingredient "ground ginger" - at this, he exclaims "as opposed to what, sky ginger?" Clearly he is confusing "ground" meaning to grind something up with "ground" as in earth. 

Explanation: In the cartoon "Avatar: The Last Airbender", their world is divided into four countries: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. The Fire Nation tries for world domination, and the intro sequence for the show mentions "everything changed when the fire nation attacked." I took "ground" ginger to be from the Earth Kingdom, so it follows that sky ginger would be from the Air Nomads and water ginger from the Water Tribes. 

The initials below are referencing characters in Batman: Alfred (the butler), Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, and Jason Todd (Bruce Wayne's sons). I considered having the last line said by Bruce, but thought of that after it was written and didn't want to find the space to add another person.

A: Enjoy these triple ginger cookies, young sirs.
D: Whoa, how are there three types of ginger?
A: Well first there is ground ginger.
D: Ok.
T: Then there is sky ginger.
A: No-
J: Thirdly there is water ginger.
D: I think I've had that kind in lo mein.
A: That would be water chestnut.
T: But everything changed when the fire gingers attacked.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

One Large Fry

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I thought this up at Chick Fil A but I'm not about to draw a waffle fry (they are delicious, though). Now I kinda want to make a tater tot the size of a bread loaf. 

A: What is THAT?!?
B: I ordered one large fry. *holding one massive French fry*

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Coffee Grinder

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 I did not realize that "grinder" was a strictly local term for a meatball sub - I thought everyone called them that. And I had no idea what a hoagie was until I moved further South. 

S: You made a caffeinated sandwich?
N: It's a coffee grinder.
(not in comic)
S: ... bless your heart.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Reason for Crying

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Life update - I cut my finger while prepping dinner (Lucy suddenly screamed when I was slicing a pear and somehow the blade came down on my finger right by the nail) so now typing is difficult with my fingertip band-aided. No stitches needed, but I can't use that digit which wow, you don't realize how much you use something until you can't. Or rather shouldn't, as I keep being painfully reminded. So the next few comics will have shorter blurbs. 

L1: Why are you screaming? Explain yourself using full sentences and citations.
L2: *BURP*
L1: That's valid.

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Morel Support

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 Happy Veteran's Day! Reach out to vets that you know and thank them for their service. If you can, donate to charities like Wounded Warrior Project or Paws for Purple Hearts

There are many mushroom puns available to those who know different types of mushrooms, but I'm drawing a blank. There's mushroom for improvement in this area, and I refuse to refer to myself as a fungi. I am pretty sure I have another comic about toadstools, ah here and here (I was just remembering the second one). 

Explanation: When someone is down, you could cheer them up i.e. give them moral support. The pun is a confusion between moral and morel (the later is a type of mushroom). And wow, they are expensive so getting a box of them would be a really good gift (if that's what you're into). 

A: Why did you send me a box of mushroom?
B: I heard you needed some morel support.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Klondike Bar


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The slogan for Klondike Bars is "What would you do for a Klondike Bar?" and their wrappers currently have suggestions like "sing karaoke in the DMV" or "run a 5k in a polar bear suit" or similarly ridiculous suggestions. 

L: You're eating a Klondike bar?
M: And I'm not ashamed of what I did.

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Training Train


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It has been quite a while since I've been on the Metro - some time before March 2020! We haven't been down to DC in a long time since most things were closed and then we now have a small child. It would be unfortunate to wear a long dress on public transit - it tends to be crowded (at least it was before all the 2020 craziness) and that does not bode well for a fancy train. Now I want to look up why the back of a dress is called a train... I have now learned a lot about types of dress trains but nothing on why it's called a train. Let me know if you know!

Alternate response could be "Your train didn't leave the station when your train left the station!"

Title: On the Metro
A: Oh no! The back of my dress!
B: Your train didn't leave the station, but you did!

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Shared Features

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 Don't you just love it when two people are talking without communicating? That tends to happen when one person takes something literally (I did not give my nose to my daughter; she has her own nose) whereas the other person is speaking in the broader sense about something (children usually look like their parents which we refer to as 'having' the features of their parents). I don't remember which feature was in question when this comic was inspired by a conversation - it might have been my hair or eye color. I really like my hair color, and my eye color is nice too. 

M: I think Lucy will have your nose.
L: No, she will have her own nose.
M: You never know!
L: You kind of do. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

All About the Slang

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Happy Birthday to my Grandmother! I love going to her house - I am very grateful for the godly influence she has been on me my whole life. 

I have yet to try this sort of speech on any of the kids with which I interact, but I feel it would be rather funny to do. Here and here are other versions of this comic - I just make a new version when certain slang runs together in my mind. I will probably keep making these as more slang gets invented and I get old and more confused by it. 

Title: How To: Talk To the Youths
A: Can you help me TikTok a fleek slap of Angry Birds?

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Double Double AGAIN


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I originally posted this back in 2013. I thought about updating it to my current style since I can't think of a Halloween one for this year but I kinda like how my old look looks. Back in the day of pencil, ink and color, scan, trim, then post. I had a stack of little scraps of paper where I'd doodle all my first draft ideas then tuck them into my sketchbook - it was crammed full. Maybe I should scan in a few of them for nostalgia. I would come up with ideas at all times of the day, at work or church or wherever. I would transfer the idea doodles into my nice sketchbook when I was ready to work on comics - I made the border by tracing around a scrap of paper that was cut to be the size I wanted my comics (so two could fit on a page of my sketchbook). 

Now I have a Google Note on my phone where I write the text of my comics as the ideas hit me throughout my day - sometimes I'm too vague and when I go to make the comic I have no idea what I was aiming for. When I'm ready to make comics, I open the note and open my editor and draw what comes to mind. 

*Three witches around a cauldron*
Two of them: Double Double Toil and Trouble
Third one: I ordered a triple!

Thursday, October 28, 2021



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I feel like when people say this, they're about to state something that they just want everyone to agree with and not question. And if that statement is something objectionable or awkward, the above response is kind of warranted. If the statement is super out there (i.e. "let's be honest here - we all know we're living on the moon"), it's hard to come up with any response due to the whaaaaaaaaaaat factor. 

A: I mean, let's be honest here -
B: Let's not.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Milk or Steak

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So the next adventure in parenting is introducing solid foods to the child, and there are a few recommendations before steak but it is a single source food, provided you don't season it, and maybe your child would enjoy gumming a slice? 

As an explanation, there is a Bible passage about milk vs solid foods (signifying simple concepts vs more complex matters) and that is what I'm alluding to in this comic. 

L: Lucy choked while nursing earlier, so she's clearly not ready for steak yet.
Y: You do... you do know there's a few steps between those, right???

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Margarine Margin

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 You know when you misspell something (haha, I misspelled misspell but spell checker helped me out there) and then you can't remember the right word? I struggled a little to make the title of this comic due to that. Almost had to Google 'margin.' And now I'm second-guessing myself so I'm gonna check it. I'm fairly certain I had to look up how to spell 'margarine' as well since that's not a word I use often. 

The joke is that 'margin' and 'margarine' are similar and the news casters are talking about butter brands. I'm not sure what margarine totally is, but I can't believe it's butter. 

A: We ranked butter brands by popularity.
B: And one in particular won by a large margarine.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Frog Protection

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 I mean, they would probably keep away the frogs. But I think I would prefer frogs over snakes. Also, drawing that carrier was kinda difficult but I really like how it turned out. Even if that totally would not work to contain snakes since they would just glide through the squares. Let's pretend there's another, finer grid that you can't see. There was a credit card commercial that had a similar miscommunication about Frog vs. Fraud, but I don't remember the company or the commercial specifics. Side Note: snakes in your house is. not. cool. 

A: I asked you to protect my credit card purchases - why are you delivering snakes to my house?!?!
B: Oh, I thought you needed FROG protection. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Lucy Is Not Short


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There is a lady who usually says "Lucy, like Lucille Ball" when she is reminded of Lucy's name. I guess it's a way to remember her name, so that's good. But Lucy is her full name and also she is tall for her age group. Her footie sleepers tend to be tight around the knees. And I draw her with a crown to link her to Lucy Pevensie, a.k.a. Queen Lucy the Valiant, a.k.a. the superior of fictional Lucy's in my mind. 

L1: What's Lucy short for?
L2: She's actually quite tall.
L3: *just hanging out, looking cute*

Sunday, October 17, 2021



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Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law! I forget where I heard this phrase but the response immediately came to mind. There was a devotional I was doing in the YouVersion app where the man said something about "Side B" and that's another phrase from back in the day. I remember a kid at my church finding a floppy disc (3.5) and not having a clue what it was. How do you even get info off a floppy? You'd have to find a drive that can take it. Kind of like getting info off a VHS. We were trying to transfer info between my computer and my husband's computer and we realized the easiest way was to use a thumb drive, but then we had to search around to find one. Oh technology, you just keep changing. Also, are visors (like the orange one the cool man is wearing) coming back into style? I feel like they could. So much of fashion is in cycles and if you hold onto stuff it'll come back (hopefully not all fashions do that, let's just leave massive shoulder pads in the past but wait they could be used for drone landing platforms). 

A: Catch you on the flipside!
B: What does that even mean?!?
C: It means he thinks the 90's were cool. 

Thursday, October 14, 2021

How To Win

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 DuoLingo is an app that helps you learn languages! I've learned basic Latin, a little German, and I'm working on Spanish. They are still adding new levels and languages so when you think you've conquered an area, you go back and realize they added special tenses or extra categories. So you can't win. You can just learn! 

A: How do I win this game?
B: That's DuoLingo??
A: ¿Yes?
B: ... you're doing great.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Eau de Ewww

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Happy Birthday to my niece! She is not the child pictured in this comic :) 
What is Eau de Ewww? It's earthy with sulfuric notes. 

A: What is that awful smell?
L: Eau de Eww.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Chesapeake Chocolate Chip


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I forget how this came up but no, I have not tried it. The savory with the sweet just doesn't seem right to me. For those unaware, Old Bay is a very popular seasoning in Maryland and whenever something is labeled as "Chesapeake" or "Maryland" then they probably put Old Bay on it (chips, marinade, etc.). We keep a small container of Old Bay next to the salt and pepper shakers on our table, so I guess we're true Marylanders. 

A: I use Old Bay as a replacement for salt.
B: Well, that explains why these cookies taste... unique.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Factual Checkboxes


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So this was inspired by my husband sharing an article with me that was blatantly false, where the reporter and all those sharing/retweeting it did absolutely no fact checking. Minimal retractions, if any, were issued once the falsehoods came to light (by the institution involved clearing the record with what was actually going on). Bleh, it's just frustrating when articles are lying or extremely misleading - so many people are led astray. 

So this is a more serious comic but maybe you can find some humor in it? My husband and I can now respond with "it's not one of the boxes" when the situation fits, so that's a little humorful. 

A: Why did you publish this article?
B: It checked all of the boxes!
A: But it's not factual?
B: That's not one of the boxes!

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Seagulls and Baby


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I thought this up when my daughter was finally sleeping after crying about it (she is in a stage when she fights sleep at least half the time). I think the seagulls from Finding Nemo are just so iconic. 

When the baby is being cute: *seagulls all saying "MINE"*
When the baby is crying: *seagulls all saying "YOURS"*

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Wild Caught Boba

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Happy Birthday Eve to my nephew!
We were at a Vietnamese restaurant with some friends and I thought this one up. No, we did not ask this. Yes, you totally should dress up all fancy and go to your local boba kiosk at the mall and ask. Please let me know how it goes. Also, it took me a while (possibly years) to know what bubble tea is and then also to realize that it's shortened to 'boba' by the cool adults. I have had it once and the tapioca pearls grossed me out - I did not like the texture. But I know many people like it, so you do you.

The joke is that bubble tea (boba) has tapioca pearls, which are little jelly blobs of pudding. The customer thinks that tapioca pearls come from oysters like normal pearls, when in fact they are just called pearls for their shape. 

Good Sir: Are your pearls wild-caught?
Server: My dude, we sell boba. 

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Fish Genes

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Shows how little I know? Sometimes derailing a conversation is the best way to handle a situation. 

Also, Happy Birthday to my oldest little Brother! It's so weird that he's turning into an adult. 

M: They put fish genes in strawberries!!!
L: ... I didn't even know fish wore jeans.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Nail Trimming

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for real, enable images!

It's a double-feature! There's just never a good time to trim the baby's nails. But it seems they need to be trimmed every other day, so you just have to pick a time and go for it. 

Title: Parenting Life
Mom1: I should trim your nails, but you're so happy currently...
Baby1: *cooing*
Mom2: I should trim your nails, but you're so angry currently...
Baby2: *screaming*

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Off Flavor


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I don't recall what sparked this comic, but I don't believe it tasted all that good. You know when you can't tell what something is trying to be but you know it just isn't hitting it? Or it's trying to be something you've never wanted to taste, like durian or lychee. 

A: What flavor is this?
B: Hmmm... Off.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Leeky Soup


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So first off - leeks are tasty. They look like giant chives (green onions) and are perfect for adding to soups. But secondly, they are quite large and chopping the white and light green portions of one leek gives you way more than one cup of goods. I had too many ingredients to add to my pressure cooker, so we had to split it between that and a Dutch oven. It all worked out in the end, only a little panic in the middle, and now I know to measure as I chop and save off the excess instead of just mixing it all in (but then I had plenty of leftovers and that's always a good plan). Also I did this when my parents and brothers were visiting so my mom is guest starring in this comic. Hi Mom!

L2: Well, it wanted two cups of chopped leeks but I chopped up two whole leeks.
L1: It's gonna be a leeky soup!

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Boundless Art

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So I did a painting recently of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and it's that phrase surrounded by stars and diamonds on a background of a star-filled sky. (Official artwork for that song is super trippy.) To do the background, I painted my canvas dark blue then flicked the canvas with white paint - it turned out pretty nice. I might have added some dots as well to balance things out - I do that sometimes with flicked paints. But after flicking, I looked at my black office chair and... there was some stars over there. But it's ok - it came out fine (both the painting and the chair cleaning). 

L: True art knows no bounds!
M: You got paint on my chair. 

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Out of Containment


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So our little one has had some blowouts of massive proportions and this comic just sprang into my mind. Usually she passes gas so forcefully I just don't see how it could be contained, but that's what the diaper is built for so usually it holds it all in. But sometimes it fails. 

The phrase "asset out of containment" is used in the Jurassic World franchise to say a dinosaur has escaped. I'm using the phrase in this comic in reference to poop getting out of the diaper.

L1: Let's hope no assets are out of containment!

Thursday, September 16, 2021

The One Whom My Soul Loves


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Happy Birthday Eve to me! Also, the mouseover is totally worth it for this one. As for the passage that I'm quoting here, well, use caution when quoting from Song of Solomon. There's a lot of... interesting stuff going on in there. And the baby is awake again! So much for this blurb.

M: *humming the Spider-Man theme while setting the table*
L: I have found the one whom my soul loves. [Song of Solomon 3:4a]

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Dinos are a Girl's Best Friend Part 2


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Well when you think of it that way... We don't what carbon was compacted to make the diamonds. From the Biblical event of the Flood, all sorts of carbon was plunged beneath the flood waters. I had more to write, but the baby is crying so I need to go get her up from her nap. Glad she slept for as long as she did!

L: You know the saying - dinos are a girl's best friend.
B: You mean diamonds?
L: Where do you think the carbon came from?
B: Oh...

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Dinos are a Girl's Best Friend Part 1


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I misheard this phrase and now like this version better. I might paint a canvas of it, with a dinosaur in a flower crown and the phrase artfully written somewhere around the dinosaur. I have a little makeup pouch from Kohl's that has dinosaurs in flower crowns - it's from the Lauren Conrad brand and it makes me so happy that there are dinosaurs in her jewelry and such. Most of her brand is floral breezy pieces, but there are some dinosaurs and that's amazing. Also, "dinos" is a shortened form of "dinosaurs" and I don't know why spell-checker isn't liking it. 

L: You know the saying - dinos are a girl's best friend.
A: You mean diamonds?
L: No, pretty sure it's dinos.