Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Royal Options

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The names listed in the comic are from Disney, the Legend of Zelda, and Mario. Only time will tell if we'll have a Throckmorton Luigi (TLC) or Petunia Vashti (PVC)... Today I learned that Luigi and Mario are not just brothers but actually twins. Hmmm, the more you know. Also Vashti is a complicated character, but I remember that every time I read the book of Esther. There a lot to digest in that book - it's so full of drama and interwoven plots. 

M: We're thinking a two-syllable royal name, to match with our Queen Lucy the Valiant.
A: Charming!
B: Zelda!
C: Snow White!
M: Suggestions are now closed.
A: Jafar!
B: Tetra!
C: Daisy!
L2: Bowser!

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Steep Pricing

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I don't recall what type of tea we were discussing, but it was a more pricy kind. Personally, I like Plum Deluxe (not a sponsor) and their pricing isn't bad, especially with sales, but their shipping takes a while. But their tea is quite tasty! We got their Advent calendar this year and it came with a checklist so you could remember which ones "jingled your bells" or were "not my cup of tea." I would like to do it again next year - it was nice to have a new tea to try each day with our breakfast. There was only one tea that we didn't try - it had pineapple (a no for me) and mint (a no for my husband) so we gave the sample to my in-laws. 

S: That's a steep price!
L: Well, it is tea.

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Baby Heelys

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You may stand corrected, but those toddlers won't (be able to stand if they have wheels in their shoes). So Heelys are a type of shoe (sneaker) that have like a roller-skate wheel hidden in the heel and you can pop it out and scoot along like a cool kid. The official Heelys site has a size chart which says the smallest they go is 12Y which per a little research is a preschooler size (my toddler is a 7 so that means the smallest Heelys is nearly twice the length of her current shoes). I think it is wise of them to not make the shoes in smaller sizes. 

Also this comic is channeling a little from a character in an excellent show who had great ways to say when something was a bad idea ("that idea just made a bad idea feel a whole lot better about itself")("that idea just gave a bad idea the will to live"). 

A: I cannot think of a worse idea.
B: Baby HeelysⓇ.
A: I stand corrected.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Built-In Best Friend

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Happy Birthday to my niece!
On a related note, I doodled our family on my bulletin and Lucy added her input by scribbling out her little sibling's name heart. So there's that.

A: You're getting a little sibling! A built-in best friend!
L: Spoken like an only child.
L2: *has no clue what's coming*

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Bear Optometry

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Happy belated Birthday to my niece!
There's a song about a bear who went over a mountain to see what he could see. And that's about the whole song, you just repeat that a bunch. OH apparently there's a second verse that says all that he could see was the other side of the mountain. How riveting. And now I'm thinking about that joke that says not all construction jobs have the same level of excitement - enlarging holes is boring but fastening things together with small pieces of metal is riveting. Also, did you get the pun in the doctor's name? I heard it in a tv show, I think it was Heroes. I am failing to find my source because there are a lot of real-world "doctors" who are considered "heroes" who are named "Seymour" and/or "Clearly" so I need to up my search parameters. Or just take my word for it - I'm pretty sure they show a business card with that name on it. 

Explanation: A bear with poor eyesight needs glasses so he can go over a mountain to see what he can see, like the song says.

Banner: Dr. Seymour Clearly, O.D. Optometry
D: Soon, you will be able to go over that mountain!
Bear: *happy*

Thursday, February 16, 2023


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Sometimes all you need is some attention. Many times when my toddler is whining, my husband will ask her what she needs and I will reply that she needs love and attention. Seriously though, many times my child just wants me to focus on her, which is fine if I'm not in the middle of like cooking dinner or counting stitches with crochet (which is why I don't usually crochet when she's around - also she likes to grab the yarn and that's frustrating). 

A: Yes?
A2: I just want attention.

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Heart of Hearts

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I had another comic in mind for Valentine's Day but sadly my computer is being weird so I can't draw it BUT I have this comic that I drew at some point for this very holiday which is quite handy! Past Lauren planned ahead, which is great. So now you know what to picture when someone mentions their heart of hearts - it's just a heart made out of hearts. Thankfully the cute cartoony kind, not the anatomically correct kind. That would be quite the complicated shape to make using the same complicated shape. 

Image: a heart shape made out of small heart shapes
Inside said image: Happy Valentine's Day!
Below said image: from my heart of hearts ♡

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Thimble of Power

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Why craft an entire Infinity Gauntlet when you could just have a thimble of power? Now I'm imagining an Infinity War arc where everyone is fighting for control of this normal-sized thimble rather than all the gems spread across the universe. They're all using the art of misdirection and slight of hand to pocket the thimble, but there are easily-made fakes all about so clearly the chain of custody will get muddled and eventually nobody knows where the real Thimble of Power is - in an after-credit scene, there's a little old lady doing her needlework and the camera just zooms in on the thimble on her finger.

So about last Thursday's comic - I apparently made a scheduling error. I aim to schedule these comics to post in the morning and my email thingy sends out at 8am if there's a new post. Since I do my scheduling either during my kid's naptime or bedtime, both of those times are after 8am so I have to remember to not only schedule the date but also the time. I forgot to schedule the time. Whoops. Hence it was a Friday email for the Thursday comic. 

A: Whoever has this small sewing tool is the leader of our crafting guild.
B: ?
A: It's our thimble of power.

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Money Laundry

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So a quick search revealed that laundry mats are a common component of money laundering because they expect large amounts of cash in those venues which means they can fudge the numbers more easily, but my take is that people launder their money the traditional way i.e. washing and drying in the machines. Squeaky clean money. I'm not going to include links here because if you want to research crime, you must do that on your own. Now I want someone to run on the platform "Launder Clothes, Not Money." Please make it happen. 

B: How long will it take your man to launder the money?
M: There's a Laundromat nearby that has a 30min wash and 45min dry, so Johnny should be back in under two hours.
B: ...
M: I hope he took enough quarters. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Pepper Water

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Happy Birthday to my niece!
Opposites and word pairs are a funny thing because not all words go the way you think they should. I did not overhear this conversation among children but I have been around enough kids to realize it probably has happened, and probably not with small children - I could see college students having this discourse. I'm trying to think of the implications of pepper water - hopefully it doesn't have waterfalls because that'd make pepper spray and wow that's how it occurs in the wild! 

Explanation: Saltwater and freshwater are opposites. Salt and Pepper are a classic pair. 

A: What is the opposite of saltwater?
B: Pepper water!
C: *face palm*

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Work With Me, Toddler

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Happy almost Birthday to my brother-in-law!
My toddler, like probably all children, is not always in a cooperative mood. She has recently decided that pajama time is silly time where she rolls and runs around in her diaper trying her hardest to stay away from the parent with the pjs. She is super adorable and giggling the whole time, so we can't really get mad. Also this works to tire her out rather than rile her up, so that's a win. 

L: Darling, can you work with me here?
L2: Nah nah nah nah nah
L: Of course, silly me.

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Train on Oregano


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Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law and our nephew!
We've reached the end of the Christmas vacation comics! It was a wild ride to get back from CT because that was when Southwest had their issue and cancelled all their flights and they gave us a four-day delay in getting home and we said NOPE and took the train. The train is nice with having plenty of space for the toddler to move about (she loved walked up and down the aisles waving at everybody) but it was a little stressful to find seats next to each other since the carriages were rather full of people who had their SW flights cancelled. But people are kind! We had people move for us so we could have two seats together and that was super nice. 

Explanation: Time and thyme sound the same. Thyme and oregano are both herbs. 

M: Is the train running on time?
L: No, oregano!