Thursday, February 2, 2023

Train on Oregano


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Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law and our nephew!
We've reached the end of the Christmas vacation comics! It was a wild ride to get back from CT because that was when Southwest had their issue and cancelled all their flights and they gave us a four-day delay in getting home and we said NOPE and took the train. The train is nice with having plenty of space for the toddler to move about (she loved walked up and down the aisles waving at everybody) but it was a little stressful to find seats next to each other since the carriages were rather full of people who had their SW flights cancelled. But people are kind! We had people move for us so we could have two seats together and that was super nice. 

Explanation: Time and thyme sound the same. Thyme and oregano are both herbs. 

M: Is the train running on time?
L: No, oregano!

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