Thursday, February 29, 2024

Fishy Advice

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Happy Leap Day! Enjoy the extra February-ness. Maybe don't take this comic's advice - it seems fishy.

Explanation: Clams, oysters, and mussels are all shellfish. "Clamming up" is a phrase but I'm pretty sure "oystering up" is not. And "mussel" sounds like "muscle", and "muscle through it" means to press on despite obstacles. 

RF: Don't clam up!
BF: Should I oyster up?
PF: Mussel through it!

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Thank and Excuse

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I had my second ever successful jury summons recently and I wrote about it on my other blog, Not So Comical - 

I support the trial by a jury of your peers system, but I don't want to go through the process any more than I have to. I just find it interesting that I was called once right when I turned 18 but I was away at college so I got excused, then nothing for over a decade, then basically back-to-back summons in the sense that I was summoned three years after getting my first successful summons, so right after I got put back in the pool. I know it's not really back-to-back - my sister had that when somehow she was summoned three times in one calendar year - but it feels like it. Also I wonder if now I'm gonna get summoned every three years - somehow they just didn't notice me when I moved to my current state about 15 years ago? But my husband has lived here all his life and has never been successfully summoned (he has been called up twice but was excused or not needed). So it's odd how some people are summoned more frequently than others. 

Explanation: When selecting a jury, either side of the court case can excuse a potential juror with the phrase (at least this is the phrase they used in my recent summons) "please thank and excuse juror #" and I just think that's a great way to dismiss someone's opinion. 

A: I love jury duty - I think we should get back on the list every year, not every three years!
B: Please thank and excuse your opinion.

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Engaged Parenting

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Our pastor was talking about engaged parenting as the opposite of absentee parenting, but when I hear engaged I think proposal and that means a ring is required. But our pastor was speaking on 1 Corinthians 4:14-21, with the title "Parental Guidance Required" and you can find his sermon on SermonAudio under faithbiblemd.

A: Why did your wife give you a solitaire ring?
B: She wants me to be more engaged in parenting.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Reckless Abandon

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I don't remember where I heard someone use the phrase "reckless abandon" but it sparked this comic. Also, if you're not reckless are you reckful? Like the opposite of careless is careful? You should be reckful rather than reckless? Also it's a real question - is there another type of abandon?  

A: With reckless abandon?
B: Is there any other type?

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Have the Halves

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The ability to finish someone's sentence is really not that hard - it's finishing it correctly that's difficult.

Explanation: The proper phrase is "haves and have nots" but "haves" sounds like "halves" and clearly halves are paired with wholes. 

A: In every scenario, there are the haves and -
B: The wholes, yes.

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Gaming Mouse

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I'm not sure I like how I drew the mice here - this is a stick figure blog for a reason. But the joke needed mice! So the mice are here. Also this was inspired by my husband getting a gaming mouse with cool colors in it. 

Explanation: A gaming mouse is a fancy computer mouse that has features beneficial for online gaming. Dota and Halo are popular games. A mouse (mammal) that plays games all day could also be called a gaming mouse. 

A: All he does is play Dota and Halo all day long.
B: What did you expect? He's a gaming mouse.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Love and Star Wars

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I often struggle to come up with comics for holidays, but this one came to me out of the blue, like a bolt of lightning (from the sky not the sith kind). How would the Jedi handle static electricity? Would the younglings shuffle their feet across the carpet then cackle evilly while zapping their friends? I feel like I should write to Mr. Lucas (not my brother but actually he might have a solid opinion on this) and see what his take is. 

LS: Leia, she touched my hand and sparks flew 💗
LO: Luke, that means she's a sith! That's Force Lightning! 

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Light Headed

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I think if you glowed when light-headed, it would make everything worse. But then people would know when you're not feeling well in that exact way so that could be helpful. I hope you can see in the comic that she is glowing - there are faint yellow lines around her head like sunrays. 

Explanation: "Radiant" is a compliment but also means "sending out light," and "light-headed" means you feel like passing out. Yay for "light" meaning "not weighing much" and also "bright." 

M: You look positively radiant!
L: I am feeling rather light-headed. *sunrays around head*

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Super Bowl Players

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I am surprised that "Taylor Swift" showed up in my tags and now I'm wondering what other comics I've made about her. Here they are! 1 2 3

I'm really not into sports so I was unaware of who made it to the big game, other than not my local team. Also I'm pretty sure TSwift isn't doing the Half Time Show but she's being talked about more than whoever's doing that so yeah that's how this comic happened.

A: Who's playing in the Super Bowl?
B: Taylor Swift.

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Big Farmer

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This post is neither in favor of or against the Jolly Green Giant and/or Big Pharma. It's just having fun with accents turning words into other words which facilitates a joke. 

Explanation: Bostonian accents (like most New England ones) drops the 'r's in words usually, so "farmer" turns into "fa'ma'" which sounds like "pharma" which is short for pharmacy. And the Jolly Green Giant was the biggest farmer I could recall. 

A: If you're going to rant about Big Pharma, please say it with a Boston accent so I can picture the Jolly Green Giant as the subject of your ire. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2024


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Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law!

This was inspired by true events. I don't understand what there is to like about loud cars, but I did have a slightly loud car back in the day because it had hard engine mounts and those are a big job to replace, or so I was told. The car gave you a massage while you idled, it was as bonus feature!

Background: VROOOM!
A: They do not have a muffler.
B: What??

Sunday, February 4, 2024

Counter Productivity

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But is he making a greater number of these kitchen prep surfaces for his company's business competitor, therefore making his counter productivity counter productive? 

A: I have made so many kitchen prep surfaces.
B: You're very counter productive. 

Thursday, February 1, 2024

First Word

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Any day now I'm sure Ori will say his first dinosaur name. Robin, who's nearly 3, has been learning dinosaur names and it's super cute to hear her say 'patasaurus or pterodactyl or really any of them. She's at the stage where she points at literally everything (it seems) and asks "this one?" meaning "what is this called?" and so I've been trying to get her to say all the dinosaur names as we have numerous dinosaurs about the house (books, figurines, magnets, ...).

Explanation: Most kids have "dada" as their first D word, and also usually their first word. 

O: D-d-d-
P: Is he going to say-
O: Diplodocus!