Thursday, April 28, 2022

Pencil in Plans redo

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 Have I done this one already? YES. Did I forget and recreate it? Also YES. To be fair, it was almost 4 years ago, and sometimes I get ideas and forget to write them down but then later remember but I still forget if I've logged it or not so yeah. Here it is again! And last time, it was a rough sketch on a page-a-day that didn't get digitalized, so this counts as a refresh and a recreation. 

The joke is that we say 'pencil in plans' when we are tentatively going to do something but it's not settled yet, which makes sense since pencil marks can be erased and changed and such. 

Pen: You never make permanent plans!
Pencil: *silent*

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Two Heads

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Happy almost birthday to my little one! Wow, it's been a year. 
This comic came to me when a speaker mentioned the phrase about "looking at me like I had two heads." I'm trying to find the phrase but I'll I'm seeing is the phrase about "two heads are better than one" which is kind of the opposite meaning to the phrase for which I am looking. 

To explain, in Greek mythology there is a three-headed dog (named Cerberus). This comic is a play on the phrase "looked at me like I had two heads" which means "looked at me like I was weird" since most people only have one head. The joke is that this dog has three heads, so while "two heads" is still wrong, it's too few rather than too many. 

Fairy: *staring*
Cerberus 1: That guy's looking at us like we have two heads or something.
Cerberus 2: *judgmentally/silently staring back*
Cerberus 3: Weirdo.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Nervous Tick


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Not sure why I made the butterfly monochromatic, but she is what she is. Also, I just learned that the nervous issue is a "tic" not a "tick." AND I just learned that ticks are arachnids, so we're just gonna say that Frank has eight legs, but two of them are hiding behind the six visible legs. Whoops. Also, yet another reason to dislike ticks. DID YOU KNOW that opossums eat loads of ticks and are impervious to Lyme's Disease? That's like, the one good thing about them. (I don't like them - too many scares when taking out the trash at night and seeing those beady eyes staring at me from the darkness.)

Ladybug: Why is Frank freaking out?
Butterfly: Oh, he's just a nervous tick.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Department Store Names

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 Back in the day, the slogan for J.C. Penny was "We love your style!" I have not been in a department store in a very long time. I have not done much shopping other than just Target/groceries/Hobby Lobby in a while either, so those two go hand in hand. I feel like there's been a big shift away from department stores, but I do like being able to handle, feel, see, etc. the item before buying it, which is a big selling point for physical stores over online. 

A: These are my kids - Penny, Macy, and Talbot. 
B: ... I love your style. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Hand Pie vs Knuckle Sandwich

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Hand pies are so tasty and easy to make. A batch of six can be made by just dividing a batch of pie dough into 6 portions, shaping to desired shape (usually circular), putting pie filling in each, wetting the edges and folding over and crimping closed with a fork, then pop the tray into the 400℉ oven for 30 minutes. If you want super easy, you can buy frozen pie dough and a can of filling! It's still home made since you assemble it and bake it in your kitchen. Pretty sure that's how that works. 

Also, the pie shop name is a shoutout to an excellent show that sadly got cancelled after only two seasons. 

Explanation: a knuckle sandwich is another term for a punch to the face. A single-serving pie that has crust all around and can be eaten by hand (rather than a slice needing a fork and such) is called a hand pie.

P: Why did you punch me?!
S: We are all out of hand pies so I substituted with a knuckle sandwich.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Greatest Grace

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Happy Easter! He is risen indeed. I hope you are able to take time today to focus on the gift of Jesus' resurrection, and what that means for you individually.  If you want to learn more, click any of those links in the previous sentence!

A: How did you pick the name for your church?
B: "Grace" and "Greater Grace" were already in use.
Sign: "Greatest Grace Church"

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Honeydew Cantaloupe

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Congrats to my brother-in-law getting married this weekend! He is not eloping. We are going to have an adventure out West, and hopefully it's a grand adventure! I briefly considered eloping - both when Mark proposed (the courthouse was right there) and also when I was feeling overwhelmed with wedding planning. But we went with the classic wedding at my parent's church and it was nice. 

The pun in this one is how "honeydew" sounds like "honey-do," and "cantaloupe" sounds like "can't elope." So many melons. 

A: The honeydew list is all the jobs I need to do around the house. The cantaloupe list is all the reasons our kid must have a massive wedding.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

It Takes Two

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So my amazing husband didn't really sell me on this game until mentioning the puzzles. Co-op means it's a two player game and we are on the same team, working to complete the same goal. A very similar experience is in the game Portal 2 when you have the two robots. We are still in the early stages of the game, but so far I like it! I like the Zelda games for their puzzles and gameplay, and if you like them then you might like this game, too. 

C: I got this game for us - it's a co-op about a couple having marital struggles.
M: ...
C: Ok, that didn't sound great.
M: ...
C: But there's puzzles!
M: Sure, let's try it out. 

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Soggy Bookmark

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True Story, I was reading a comic book which I enjoyed and didn't notice that my little girl had grabbed my bookmark and, like everything she grabs, put it immediately in her mouth. At least she didn't chew on it? As far as comic books go, I think my favorites are by Debbie Tung - I have all three of her books and look forward to her next release! 

L: I just can't put this book down.
A: It's that good?
L: No, Lucy sucked on my bookmark so I need it to dry before marking my place.

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Sweet Kids

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 As mentioned in my last comic, I looked up what the name "Kit" is an abbreviation of and it's usually Christopher but can also be Katherine. But "Kat" is an abbreviation of Katherine and not Christopher. And usually Bartholomew is shortened to "Bart" or "Barry" but for this, I needed it as "Bar" to complete the joke. 

Explanation: A Kit Kat Bar is a popular candy. The three children's names can be shortened to Kit, Kat, and Bar. 

A: These are my kids - Christopher, Katherine, and Bartholomew.
B: Aw, how sweet!
A: Yep, I love my Kit, Kat, and Bar. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Kit and Caboodle

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I don't remember how this conversation happened but it did. This started me on a search as to what the name "Kit" means and the next comic will delve into that. No worries - Caboodle isn't in Nameberry. But the phrase is an old one which hasn't really changed meaning since the origin, but it's based on a word ('boodle') that really isn't used anymore (at least to my knowledge - perhaps in another area it's still in circulation). 

N: I don't like the name "Kit."
L: How do you feel about "Caboodle"?
N: ... Same.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Isla and Nublar

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Happy belated Birthday to my sister! Also, how are we already in April? 
I forget why I was on Nameberry, but it is really easy to go down rabbit holes on that site. Nublar and Sorna were not listed as popular names, or actually listed at all. 

Explanation: In the Jurassic Park franchise, the dinosaurs are on two islands, Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. Isla has become a popular girl name, but Nublar and Sorna (thankfully) have not. 

A: Per Nameberry, "Isla" is a popular girl name.
L: Is "Nublar" or "Sorna" recommended as a middle name?