Thursday, October 31, 2019


In a stunning move, the Octobear has appeared! But wait, there's also the Novembear! What will happen? Nobody knows.
I don't think the Novembear will become a popular reoccurring character because he was a bit difficult to draw and also he's kinda odd (but that doesn't always stop characters from reoccurring).

Octobear (bear with eight tentacles)
Novembear (bear with turkey feathers on his rump and a snood on his snout)

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

I Treasure You

Well, you shouldn't do that. Don't lock anything living inside a trunk, even if it's a treasure chest. That's not the way to treasure someone. Actually treating a person as treasure is usually not a good plan; you should treat them like people, not objects.

Lady: Why did you lock me in that chest?!?
Pirate: I treasure you.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Recreating the Problem, Then and Now

I thought this up when I got excited that I could recreate a bug. Back in the day (Exodus 7 and 8), the magicians of Pharaoh were able to recreate the first two plagues that God through Moses brought on Egypt, but were unable to recreate the next eight. I forgot where in the line they were unable to reproduce them, so I drew a nice picture with the magicians holding flies, gnats, and a frog but then had to redraw it since they could only do the water-into-blood and the frogs.

Then (Magicians holding a bowl of blood and a frog)
Magicians: Oh great Pharaoh, we too can multiply frogs and blood!
Pharaoh face-palming.
Now (Programmer in front of a computer with a Blue Screen Of Death on it)
Programmer: The good news is - I can recreate the problem.
Boss with arms crossed.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Pumpkin Eater

That probably means he keeps his wife in a pumpkin shell, but apparently he can keep her very well there? I think that is odd and not a good housing situation.
I like how my pumpkin pie turned out, I am not sure I have ever actually baked a pumpkin pie.

Man eating a slice of pumpkin pie.
Lady: You're a pumpkin eater?!?

Tuesday, October 22, 2019


As a disclaimer, I have had this comic on the board for a while now (just like the talk of impeachment has been going on for a while now) and I am not trying to make a political statement with this, I just like that impeach contains the word "peach" and "im" is very close to "I'm" so I think this works well.

Peach holding sign: "Impeach!"
Apple holding sign: "I'm apple"

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Oct Tuber

We are over halfway through October and the Octobear hasn't show up yet but here's a new character, the Oct-Tuber! Or rather, one of the Oct-Tubers. Will the Octobear show up? Only time will tell.
Did you know that potatoes are tubers but carrots are roots, there is a difference? The more you know.

Carrot: I hear you have seven siblings.
Potato: Yep, I'm one of the Oct-Tubers.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Shellfish Crab

But the crab is just being who he was made to be! I think this pun series might have been sparked by a sermon comment about humility (based on the previous comic) and I just went off on a tangent (as I am known to do with my comics).
We are halfway through October and the infamous OctBear has not show up yet! Where could he be? Could someone be struggling to create another octo-pun? That's a distinct possibility.
Speaking of halfway through October, Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law!

{fish to crab}: Quit being so shellfish!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Puffed Up

I have only seen a puffer fish in the wild once, and that was when one washed up on Pensacola Beach :( I have seen them a few times in aquariums but I'm not sure I've ever seen one puffed up. Now I want to YouTube that. You should too. It'll be educational.
That fish is not being loving because I learned from I Corinthians 13 that charity doth not puff up.

{blue fish to puffer fish}: You need to be more humble!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Horsing Around

I don't know what sparked this string of sea life puns, but there's gonna be a few more.
The blue fish has had enough of the tomfoolery of his friend, and I'm amazed that I spelled tomfoolery correctly on the first try. It is rather phonetic, which is always nice.

{fish to sea horse}: Quit horsing around!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Buck Tooth Comb

Ah, the classic mistake of using the buck-tooth comb instead of the fine-tooth one. Anyone can make it. Actually, that would be one of those "what do we even HAVE this?" situations. (I'm referring to the excellent scene in "The Emperor's New Groove" where Yzma exclaims "Why do we even HAVE that lever?!") I would like the buck-tooth comb to come up in a CSI show. I am waiting on offers, please contact me if you'd like to use it :)

C: How did you miss this detail?!
D: We went over the evidence with a buck-tooth comb.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Bibbity Bobbity Reboot

Sometimes all it takes is turning it off and on again. Sometimes. I read somewhere that telling someone to go to bed and see if they feel better in the morning is the human equivalent of that. But both will solve a multitude of issues.

A: How did you fix my computer? Magic?!?
B: Bibbity Bobbity Reboot.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Crunching Numbers

We went on a trip in September to the West Coast and we went on a wildlife tour and saw orca dorsal fins in the distance (which still was pretty cool). We also saw other wildlife and it was a great boat ride.

O: Accountant, stop eating the calculators!
S: I'm crunching the numbers!

Thursday, October 3, 2019


I like the game Bananagrams. I don't want a banana that has been sent through the mail to me. That would be a bruised mess. But I suppose if you can send a properly postmarked potato through the post, you could also do the same for a banana. But Bananagrams is not a millennial form of telegram, it is rather a jumbled form of Scrabble. You should play it - it't a great party game.
Also, Happy Birthday Eve to my nephew!

A: Who is sending you all these bananas?
B: My friend who doesn't understand how to play Bananagrams.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Table of Content

It's October!
My brother-in-law was stateside for the summer and preached a message on Contentment - you can find it here. This was my comical takeaway, but he had some good points. There is always something for which to be grateful. It probably won't all fit in that table.
(Sufficient and adequate are synonyms for content, which sounds like content, which when in table form is the list of chapters in a book)
I think my handwriting is a little messier on this one, and you'll see some more messy ones unless I go in and clean them up but they aren't that bad, because I was drawing comics on the train ride home from CT recently. It was mostly smooth but it is land travel so there are bumps along the road (or rather train track).

A: I put all of the sufficient and adequate things into this table.
B: It's your table of content.