Sunday, October 27, 2019

Recreating the Problem, Then and Now

I thought this up when I got excited that I could recreate a bug. Back in the day (Exodus 7 and 8), the magicians of Pharaoh were able to recreate the first two plagues that God through Moses brought on Egypt, but were unable to recreate the next eight. I forgot where in the line they were unable to reproduce them, so I drew a nice picture with the magicians holding flies, gnats, and a frog but then had to redraw it since they could only do the water-into-blood and the frogs.

Then (Magicians holding a bowl of blood and a frog)
Magicians: Oh great Pharaoh, we too can multiply frogs and blood!
Pharaoh face-palming.
Now (Programmer in front of a computer with a Blue Screen Of Death on it)
Programmer: The good news is - I can recreate the problem.
Boss with arms crossed.

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