Thursday, April 30, 2020

Json and Perl

A naming series wouldn't be complete without names that will never be spelled correctly. Well, clearly people would think Jason and Pearl as those are normal names. But if you want to be a true nerd, this is the way to go. Are you familiar with either Json or Perl? I feel most devs are at least familiar with them but not all people are devs (clearly). I will try to come up with some more naming comics to give my sister more options for her child, maybe she'll listen to me this time (unlike all of my sisters and sister-in-laws who have so far named their children normal, non-traumatizing names). [that is actually a good thing - please do not make your child's name a joke]

Here are my kids, Json and Perl.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Archer Arrow Quiver

At least one is sure to be someone's beau. I have seen two of these names used, but not the third one. I'm not sure about any of them. But my sister is welcome to use any of them! I'm getting a niece or nephew this fall and that's what prompted this naming series. I am just being helpful and coming up with original names for the child. I think all of these here are gender neutral (since they're objects but maybe you need to check in a gendered language like Spanish to know what they are - flecha/arrow is feminine, archer/arquera/arquero can go either way, and quiver is more difficult because it's giving the translation for shaking instead of where you keep your arrows).

Here are my kids, Archer, Arrow, and Quiver.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Robin and Emu

So the emu is my favorite bird and why are some birds used as people names but not others? I was trying to think of birds that are used as names and I thought of Wren and Robin, but then I looked up a list and there are ones like Sparrow and Jay but then they're saying Talon and Heron and I'm like, that's a bit much. So anyways, like the other naming comics I've made on the themes of food, colors, music, and such, some names in a category are more normal than others.

Here are my kids, Robin and Emu.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Tool vs Tulle

Drawing tiny tools is difficult, but I managed to put a hammer, saw, and screwdriver with duct tape as the waistband. I could see this happening on an episode of "Last Man Standing" or "Home Improvement" (both staring Tim Allen). Except he had sons in Home Improvement, so it'd more likely work in a flashback in Last Man Standing since he has daughters in that one (I stopped watching a few seasons ago - that show started good then just kept getting more objectionable). If my family was a sitcom and my eldest sister dropped off her girls with my dad, I could see this happening. And they would be amazing tool skirts.

Amanda: Are the girls dressed in their tulle skirts for their ballet recital?
Adam: ... There has been a misunderstanding.
Adeline: *shrugs*

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Grab the T-Rex by the Tail

"Grab the bull by the horns", "Grab the dog by the ears", these are all old, pre-COVID-19 sayings. It's time for a new one! I came up with this while using my mug (shown in comic) which has a t-rex on it (which says "Today will be T-Riffic!" and also "Let them hear you rawr") and the body is on the mug while the tail forms the handle. It's an excellent mug which my excellent parents got for me for my birthday. I like it (and them) a lot.

L: You know what they say - grab the t-rex by the tail!
M: ...You are literally the only person that says that.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Truth in Here

Some people believe things that you don't. Some people do crazy mental gymnastics to wait a minute, I just thought up a comic for mental gymnastics so I've noted it and will draw it and post it in the future. Wow, now I'm getting my inspiration from Past Lauren, which is good since with this quarantine/shelter in house thing it's getting hard to find inspiration for comics.
But really, it takes faith to believe lots of things, not just religious. But many things have facts you can check! But you have to trust the fact-checker.

A: The truth is *out there*
B: No, it's in here (holding Bible)

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Low Expectations

So at my work, we get snacks sent to us from our west coast home office, and I appreciate the free food and it's all fairly healthy so that's good. However, they like to use healthy substitutes so you always need to read the label to prepare yourself. I have forgotten to do this several times and that first bite is a surprise, usually not a good one when you're expecting a granola bar and you realize this is just pea protein and chickpeas and millet and there is no granola or chocolate to be seen. Or if you're expecting a peanut butter cup only to find it's actually cashew. It's tasty, but not the expected taste.
I will wax philosophical for a moment here and apply this to the current situation (as of two weeks ago when I'm writing this). I never expected the current situation that we are in - staying at home, working from home, ordering everything delivery, rarely getting out except for walks around our neighborhood, dog watching cancelled because my friends aren't traveling, and no clear end in sight. It's easy to expect better than what you're given because humans are ungrateful and it's hard to fight that (thankfully as a regenerated Christian I have the Holy Spirit helping me). Setting your expectations properly is an excellent way to practice gratitude and be prepared for what's coming your way. I am grateful that I have a safe home to be in, with a job that works fully remotely, with food that can be delivered to me (not always what I requested in the app since the stores aren't fully stocked but it's sufficient for my needs), and so much more that I can thank God for giving me. Choose gratitude!

A: How's it going?
L: I don't know what I was expecting, but I expected better than this.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020


This is a reference to Sharknado, the movie about a tornado (I think several tornadoes?) of sharks wrecking havoc. A tornado of bunnies would be much cuter and softer but when something hits you at 74mph, the softness of the object probably doesn't account for much.
The girl to the left is holding a bunny and I realize now that's kinda hard to tell and I should have used grey or filled in the bunnies to make the distinction more clear. Oh well. Maybe in round two (i.e. a sequel comic next spring). Or maybe there will be a sequel each season themed accordingly. I think sharks are summer themed, so that's already taken. Will have to think about an Autumnal one...

Bunnado: The Adorable Sequel Coming Next Spring
Girl: It's so fluffy!
Reporter: Fifteen pounds of fluff coming at over seventy-four miles per hour!

Sunday, April 12, 2020


Happy Easter! He is risen indeed. I didn't think up an Easter comic this year. Since I'm safe at home, I'm not near other people to overhear their conversations and make hilarious comics about them, so I have to make due with references from TV shows and also my backlog of comics I haven't gotten around to writing up. But I am safe and healthy so that is good and I am grateful.

You know what they say - I Peter 4:8.
I looked at many Bible versions and none translate sins as law-breaking, but sin is breaking God's law so I think it still counts.
I could make a series on this, using the different fruits of the spirit that also happen to be names of people (Charity, Joy, Peace, Temperance, ...) but now I'm thinking I could just do a kids names comic on that because why are some traits used as names but not others? Kindness, get over here. Gratefulness, stop hitting your brother.

Detective 1: Should have known Charity was their cleanup woman.
Detective 2: Yeah, she can hid a multitude of law-breaking.

Thursday, April 9, 2020


Trig! I took trigonometry in college because I was a software engineering major. I minored in math because there was so much math in the major, I just had to take two calculus classes to get it (also, I avoided ALL science classes which I saw as a win). Alas, my college found out about this and changed the major (after I graduated thankfully) to having science electives instead of math/science electives so the overlap was greatly reduced. But with the overlap, I didn't have enough credits to graduate with just my major and minor (one credit short), so I took some random classes to fill my schedule - handbells, first aid, a computer hardware class, and others just for fun. It was nice.
My husband was the same minor/major as me but then he decided to double-major (adding computer information systems) which meant he had to drop his minor but he had already done the classes so on his transcript Calc I & II are listed as electives which makes him look like a nerd. I love my nerd.

N: Our profits are on a sinusoidal line.
L: Why not cosinusoidal?
N: Don't get me on a tangent.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Quarantine Comic

Obligatory quarantine comic. Seems like everyone is doing them. Well, I usually get my comic inspiration from those around me, and well it's just my husband and I at home. There is some virtual interaction with coworkers and church members, but it's just not the same. I hope everyone is staying healthy, washing their hands, physically distancing from others, and eating healthy. We have been doing so much cleaning in our house. Probably because the options are 1. walk around the neighborhood, 2. bum around the house. On the bright side, I have finished all the squares for my dinosaur blanket and now it's time to start sewing them together (my least favorite part) then I'll just need to stitch a border and it'll be done! It's taken a while. It should be king sized but who knows.

Seagulls shouting STAY INDOORS a boatload of times.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Nebuchadnezzar's Dream

Our pastor preached on the first part of Daniel 2 on 3/29, and I came up with this comic while listening to the sermon at home since we are all at home and trying not to spread sickness about. It would be bad to end the passage at verse 13, where all the wise men are getting killed for not telling the king his dream and the interpretation, but thankfully the passage continues to Daniel and his friends and their prayer to God for wisdom, which is a great reminder on where true wisdom resides.

King Nebuchadnezzar: I have a dream! But I forgot it. Explain it to me!
Wise Men: !? ? ! ??
Passage: Daniel 2:1-13

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Man or Mouse Jessie

I can hear this in her voice. I debated who to use in this comic - originally it was going to be Rex but then since he is male he could be considered a man, though he is a dinosaur. Then I thought Bo Peep but yeah she's a little more intricate to draw. Jessie is nicely recognizable by her hat and braid. I thought about more fully drawing the character but (a) over-detailed and (b) difficult.
Is Hamm levitating? No, he is just further in the background. That's my story and I'm sticking too it.
Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTERRRR! Have a wonderful day wherever your RV takes you.

J: Am I a man or a mouse?!
H: You are neither.