Thursday, April 16, 2020

Low Expectations

So at my work, we get snacks sent to us from our west coast home office, and I appreciate the free food and it's all fairly healthy so that's good. However, they like to use healthy substitutes so you always need to read the label to prepare yourself. I have forgotten to do this several times and that first bite is a surprise, usually not a good one when you're expecting a granola bar and you realize this is just pea protein and chickpeas and millet and there is no granola or chocolate to be seen. Or if you're expecting a peanut butter cup only to find it's actually cashew. It's tasty, but not the expected taste.
I will wax philosophical for a moment here and apply this to the current situation (as of two weeks ago when I'm writing this). I never expected the current situation that we are in - staying at home, working from home, ordering everything delivery, rarely getting out except for walks around our neighborhood, dog watching cancelled because my friends aren't traveling, and no clear end in sight. It's easy to expect better than what you're given because humans are ungrateful and it's hard to fight that (thankfully as a regenerated Christian I have the Holy Spirit helping me). Setting your expectations properly is an excellent way to practice gratitude and be prepared for what's coming your way. I am grateful that I have a safe home to be in, with a job that works fully remotely, with food that can be delivered to me (not always what I requested in the app since the stores aren't fully stocked but it's sufficient for my needs), and so much more that I can thank God for giving me. Choose gratitude!

A: How's it going?
L: I don't know what I was expecting, but I expected better than this.

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