Tuesday, June 29, 2021

A Cue Stick


Acoustic vs a cue stick

I had to look up how to spell "billiards" and now the search probably things I'm into pool. I'm not - I have never been good at it but have played a few times when I was younger and we knew someone/someplace that had a pool table. I forget how I thought up this excellent pun but I like it a lot. "Acoustic" is kind of the opposite of "electric" when it comes to music - it's very peaceful and also the word sounds like "a cue stick" which is what is used in billiards/pool to hit the balls. But I just looked it up and actually there is the over-arching term "Cue Sports" which is also known as billiards but it includes many games that are played with a cue stick including but not limited to pool. And just thought I'd note that "billiards hall" reminds me of the game Clue where there's a billiards room and that might be where I learned the word "billiards." It's not a common one nowadays. 

A: Why is classical guitar music playing in the billiards hall?
B: It's a-cue-stick!

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Cicada Dating Service


So this is a little late but I found it in my 'to be posted' comics and realized I need to post it unless I want to wait seventeen years which is a bit excessive but I have to say, I'm glad we don't get invaded like that every year. I mentioned to my husband that I'm glad that cicadas aren't like stink bugs which slide into your house then fly around and he said if cicadas did that, they would be extinct because we would NOT handle that well. It's bad enough when you're driving down the road and they're smacking into the windshield - we would not handle them being indoors. It's annoying in the summer heat to have to keep your car windows closed because yeah, don't want to come back to the car and find it full of cicadas. By the time this is posted, the cicadas will just be carcasses on the sidewalk since they just take over for a month or two by invading in full force then dying off in full force. Maybe don't model yourself after them. 

I think the dating advice in question was something along the lines of broadcasting that you're looking for a mate, but it was taken as needing to scream it from the tree tops. 

N: I'm not going to take dating advice from the cicadas.
L: Well, we don't need any context for that?

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Wet Socks


Let's just ban wet socks, they are the worst.

Sometimes you want a solution and sometimes you want to vent. Sometimes you want to vent and then get the solution. The solution to the problem above is that people should not spill water and just leave it to be stepped in. Once it has been stepped in, the damage is done and irreparable. Especially if that person really hates having wet socks. Honestly though, sometimes the solution is a simple change of socks but instead an individual might stay angry in wet socks for a while. Just change the socks and get into a better head space. But also the spill should be cleaned up - nobody wants to step in it. So there's a solution on both sides.
And if someone really hates wet socks, keeping a spare pair at my work office was a great idea because sometimes it rained and there were huge, unavoidable puddles on the way in to work and nobody wants to sit in air conditioning with wet socks. Bleh. So having a spare pair is good. 

L: And now my sock is WET!!!
M: Well, we are at home - you could change into new socks.
L: No, I'm going to walk around in these and be angry!

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Closed Windows


Never a good day but it does need to happen

As noted in a previous comic, the lot next to our house was bought and is being developed and yeah this happened. Also I wrote this a while ago, before the cicadas all emerged, and now the windows are closed to dampen the sound - they are so loud! We have the Brood X 17 year ones this summer and they are all over the place. Bleh. Anywhere with old trees (i.e. most parks) are absolutely teeming with them. And they hit the windshield when we drive anywhere. It's really warm outside so you want to leave your car windows open but only a tiny crack so your car doesn't get a swarm in there. Thankfully they aren't harmful to humans - they're just annoying as they fly into EVERYTHING including your clothes and that is quite unpleasant. 

L: What are they doing on the construction site next door today?
M: Emptying the Port-o-Potty.
L: Ah, that's why the windows are closed on this lovely day.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

A Stable Home


Happy Father's Day! This one goes out to my dad :) He's a carpenter and turned a barn into a house for his family! It's a nice barn/house. And we don't leave doors open or anything like that.

I want to say more about this comic, but it's also my husband's first Father's Day meaning that we have a baby and she's crying so I need to change her diaper (that's a usual culprit with her fussiness). 

P: You grew up in a stable home.
L: Enough with the "lived in a barn" jokes!

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Twitter Updates

Tweet tweet

 I had this conversation with my husband - he keeps me informed on all sorts of things because I've really fallen away from looking at the news since last year when the panic was in full swing and everything was amping up the fear factor. It's hard to stay informed because everything is biased. I've also stepped away from some social media because of all the negativity thrown about there. Everyone has a right to air their opinion and everyone has a right to ignore said opinion. That's how it seems to go anyways. I have found some changes to my social media feeds to be very helpful - following certain people/groups and unfollowing others. Do what's right for your mental health and sanity!

L: Are you looking at things that make you happy or things that make you sad?
M: I am looking at things that keep me informed.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Cookies Deleted


Disappearing biscuits

An A+ alibi right there, can't do anything once the cookies have been deleted. "Deleting Cookies" is the term used for removing the small tracking tokens that tend to accumulate in your internet browser. These tokens help personalize your experience by remembering previous selections and targeting ads just for you :) It's a good idea to clear them every once in a while, but also if you're having an issue with loading a page then go ahead and clear them. Clearing your cache also helps fix pages, and on Windows machines you just hit ctrl-shift-r to do that. The cache is great for loading pages quickly but it can mess things up if the page has changed and the cache has an older version. 

A: Where did all the desserts go?!?
B: Someone must have deleted all cookies.
A: ... Someone???
B: *munch munch* *shrug*

Sunday, June 13, 2021


Well, this will make it difficult to post comics....

It works now! But the child is upset....

And Mark has her so I can schedule a comic! We aren't sure why she's fussy, but that's her default state. Anyways, I received an email a while ago about FeedBurner (how I send out my emails) being retired so I need to find a new way to send them, and I tasked my Mark with finding that way and he decided on MailChimp since we use that in other venues. But I need to get that set up and hopefully the change will be seamless. It will have happened by this point because FeedBurner is closing at the beginning of June. It's currently the end of May so I need to get a move on transferring to the new service. 

L: Can you set up the FeedMonkey for me?
M: ... MailChimp RSS?
L: Yeah, that. 

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Warm and Sunny


Some love the summer, I'm not one of them

This came up when we were at our in-laws and they wanted to go for a walk and yeah it was all warm and sunny. I tend to dehydrate and burn so yeah I'm not a fan of summer. But it's ok when I'm indoors. Maybe a short amount of time outside, just a little. My husband loves the sun so we have different ideas on what a good vacation is but that's ok. Oh noes the baby is crying so I gotta go probably feed her. 

M: Want to go for a stroll?
L: But it's warm and sunny outside.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Trichotomist vs Triceratops


From one dino to another, what the heck are you?

I think this is the last one in this unnamed series about tri-di-mono-things (haven't come up with a witty name for it) but saved the best for last because dinosaurs! I thought I had a joke about triceratops from my dinosaur egg oatmeal packets but I was thinking of the stegosaurus one - 

Q: What does a stegosaurus do at night?
A: Stego-snores!!!

Oh wait, I remember the triceratops one -

Q: What does a triceratops wear for pants?
A: Tricera-bottoms!!!

So many great jokes from the best oatmeal out there (the sugar eggs that melt to show dinosaur-shaped sprinkles are just top of the line). If you're wondering about trichotomy, look at the previous comic (I would link but it's still a scheduled post so it's being weird). If you're wondering about the etymology of triceratops, look at this comic from earlier.

Apatosaurus: Are you a trichotomist?
Triceratops: No, a triceratops. 

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Tri vs Di with Falsehood



So in a previous comic I mentioned we'd get to tri- vs di-chotomy in a later comic but then I misplaced said comics but I found them! So here's one and there'll be another after this.
Theological trichotomy is the belief that humans are made up of three parts and I gotta look up what those are - it's body, soul, and spirit. But trichotomy in general is just an item/concept made up of three parts. Theological dichotomy says humans just have body and soul, i.e. material and immaterial. (You should be able to figure out what a dichotomy is from these examples but to be clear it's just an item/concept made up of two parts). I won't post links because it's a raging theological debate and I think it's fretting over something that's not fundamental (and also seems a little pedantic). I don't stand in either camp - I know we definitely have material and immaterial components but I don't think debate over how many of which parts we have is helpful. 
False dichotomy however is the belief (in any sphere, not just theological) that there are only two choices when in fact there are more than that available. It's like saying I have to wear a red or a blue shirt today when in fact I have a whole wardrobe to choose from (that's an over simplification but I think it holds true).
In superhero movies, they tend to buy into false monochotomies which is when they say "It's the only way!" when in fact there are several ways. But it's a classic trope that won't be ending any time soon I'm thinking. 

A: Are you a trichotomist?
B: No, I'm more of a false dichotomist. 

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Dasher Approaching


Mark says "no, I actually do NOT know Dasher or Dancer or any of them"

A Christmas reference in June? Well, we are getting Door Dash every once in a while (especially when Lucy was first born because neither she nor I were up to going out and about) and this conversation happened (the person who delivers the food for Door Dash is called a Dasher). I want to abbreviate Door Dash to DD but to me that means Dunkin Donuts so I keep spelling it out to be clear. Can you name all the reindeer? I think it would be funny if someone started up a Door Dash knock-off and called it Door Dancer/Prancer/Vixen but actually that doesn't sound like a food delivery service so maybe don't go down that track. Also it'd need to be in a different form (Dash vs Dasher i.e. Door Prance? Dance?). I think they picked the right one for Door Dash. I guess Door Comet/Cupid/Donner/Blitzen could work but it wouldn't be clear what the point of the service was. But all that aside, it is very convenient to get food delivered when you have a newborn but are wanting something specific that you don't want to make. Like Middle Eastern Kebabs (from Maiwan Kebab) or Japanese Ramen (from Akira Ramen). 

M: Dasher is on his way.
L: What about Prancer?

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Food Color Transfer


The art of cooking?

I made a bunch of meals to throw in the freezer a week or two before Lucy's due date (or rather harvest date because she was a C-section) and I am very grateful I had the forethought to do that because yeah, fussy baby makes meal prep difficult. This comic was inspired by those meals, which include all sorts of meat and veggies because I was trying to have a nice assortment so there's beef, chicken, and seafood. I got the recipes from a QR code in a Better Homes & Gardens magazine which led to a list of like forty make-ahead meals. I would post the link but I can't find it anymore - I have a list of the recipes that I chose from the article but that'd be tedious to post here. So just know there are many meals you can make ahead and freeze (in portion sizes so for us it's just two and that defrosts fairly quickly). 

Speaking of freezers, tomorrow is FRIDGE DAY!!! The annual reminder of that time my mom's fridge was delivered and there was chaos. 

Mom: Cooke the chicken til it's no longer pink, and cook the shrimp til it's pink.
Daughter: Ah, a classic color transfer.
Mom: No.