Sunday, June 27, 2021

Cicada Dating Service


So this is a little late but I found it in my 'to be posted' comics and realized I need to post it unless I want to wait seventeen years which is a bit excessive but I have to say, I'm glad we don't get invaded like that every year. I mentioned to my husband that I'm glad that cicadas aren't like stink bugs which slide into your house then fly around and he said if cicadas did that, they would be extinct because we would NOT handle that well. It's bad enough when you're driving down the road and they're smacking into the windshield - we would not handle them being indoors. It's annoying in the summer heat to have to keep your car windows closed because yeah, don't want to come back to the car and find it full of cicadas. By the time this is posted, the cicadas will just be carcasses on the sidewalk since they just take over for a month or two by invading in full force then dying off in full force. Maybe don't model yourself after them. 

I think the dating advice in question was something along the lines of broadcasting that you're looking for a mate, but it was taken as needing to scream it from the tree tops. 

N: I'm not going to take dating advice from the cicadas.
L: Well, we don't need any context for that?

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