Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Trichotomist vs Triceratops


From one dino to another, what the heck are you?

I think this is the last one in this unnamed series about tri-di-mono-things (haven't come up with a witty name for it) but saved the best for last because dinosaurs! I thought I had a joke about triceratops from my dinosaur egg oatmeal packets but I was thinking of the stegosaurus one - 

Q: What does a stegosaurus do at night?
A: Stego-snores!!!

Oh wait, I remember the triceratops one -

Q: What does a triceratops wear for pants?
A: Tricera-bottoms!!!

So many great jokes from the best oatmeal out there (the sugar eggs that melt to show dinosaur-shaped sprinkles are just top of the line). If you're wondering about trichotomy, look at the previous comic (I would link but it's still a scheduled post so it's being weird). If you're wondering about the etymology of triceratops, look at this comic from earlier.

Apatosaurus: Are you a trichotomist?
Triceratops: No, a triceratops. 

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