Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Cookies Deleted


Disappearing biscuits

An A+ alibi right there, can't do anything once the cookies have been deleted. "Deleting Cookies" is the term used for removing the small tracking tokens that tend to accumulate in your internet browser. These tokens help personalize your experience by remembering previous selections and targeting ads just for you :) It's a good idea to clear them every once in a while, but also if you're having an issue with loading a page then go ahead and clear them. Clearing your cache also helps fix pages, and on Windows machines you just hit ctrl-shift-r to do that. The cache is great for loading pages quickly but it can mess things up if the page has changed and the cache has an older version. 

A: Where did all the desserts go?!?
B: Someone must have deleted all cookies.
A: ... Someone???
B: *munch munch* *shrug*

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