Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Closed Windows


Never a good day but it does need to happen

As noted in a previous comic, the lot next to our house was bought and is being developed and yeah this happened. Also I wrote this a while ago, before the cicadas all emerged, and now the windows are closed to dampen the sound - they are so loud! We have the Brood X 17 year ones this summer and they are all over the place. Bleh. Anywhere with old trees (i.e. most parks) are absolutely teeming with them. And they hit the windshield when we drive anywhere. It's really warm outside so you want to leave your car windows open but only a tiny crack so your car doesn't get a swarm in there. Thankfully they aren't harmful to humans - they're just annoying as they fly into EVERYTHING including your clothes and that is quite unpleasant. 

L: What are they doing on the construction site next door today?
M: Emptying the Port-o-Potty.
L: Ah, that's why the windows are closed on this lovely day.

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