Sunday, June 6, 2021

Tri vs Di with Falsehood



So in a previous comic I mentioned we'd get to tri- vs di-chotomy in a later comic but then I misplaced said comics but I found them! So here's one and there'll be another after this.
Theological trichotomy is the belief that humans are made up of three parts and I gotta look up what those are - it's body, soul, and spirit. But trichotomy in general is just an item/concept made up of three parts. Theological dichotomy says humans just have body and soul, i.e. material and immaterial. (You should be able to figure out what a dichotomy is from these examples but to be clear it's just an item/concept made up of two parts). I won't post links because it's a raging theological debate and I think it's fretting over something that's not fundamental (and also seems a little pedantic). I don't stand in either camp - I know we definitely have material and immaterial components but I don't think debate over how many of which parts we have is helpful. 
False dichotomy however is the belief (in any sphere, not just theological) that there are only two choices when in fact there are more than that available. It's like saying I have to wear a red or a blue shirt today when in fact I have a whole wardrobe to choose from (that's an over simplification but I think it holds true).
In superhero movies, they tend to buy into false monochotomies which is when they say "It's the only way!" when in fact there are several ways. But it's a classic trope that won't be ending any time soon I'm thinking. 

A: Are you a trichotomist?
B: No, I'm more of a false dichotomist. 

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