Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Cross-Country Snowboarding

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So often when I'm talking with people, work comes up and I use to work in an office and I like what I did. But a few years ago I had a major change so now I'm not an office working software engineer. And often, I miss my programming days. But then I find some of the comics, like this one, that I wrote during my office days and I realize I'm not missing those annoying parts. So it's good to remember both the good and the bad of the past so you don't idolize it all rosy-like.

Explanation: You cannot move across a flat surface with both feet strapped into your snowboard. Well, you can but it involves jumping/lunging and that's exhausting. So cross-country skiing is totally a thing which is a real workout, but cross-country snowboarding would just be super frustrating and might be entertaining to watch. UPDATE: I am at least the second party to think of this sport because here's a video about this "sport." 

A: How is your job going?
B: Like I'm cross-country snowboarding. 

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Rooting and Tooting

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That's parenthood sometimes. Especially when you have a baby and a toddler. I looked up the meaning of "rootin', tootin'" and it seems to just be a phrase for the Wild West? Totally unrelated to small children, which was expected. As in, I expected them to be unrelated. I realize that sentence could read either way. 

Explanation: There's a phrase about the Wild West, "rootin', tootin'". When a baby is hungry and looking for food, it's called "rooting". When a toddler is gassy, it's called "tooting". 

Cowboy: What's it like, having a baby and a toddler?
L: He's rootin', she's tootin'. 

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Slow to Speak and Wrath

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So I don't know how else to draw a doctor - that's just how all medical professionals are gonna look in my stick-figure gallery. The verse referenced (ha) here is James 1:19. Also, a reminder that all kids progress on their own schedules which loosely align across the board but it's not a competition or whatever and there is variance across all categories. Also a reminder not to take verses out of context to prove your point - "slow to speak" in context means that you think before you speak rather than just blurting out whatever comes to mind. 

When we took my daughter in for her last checkup, we had some questionnaires to fill out about developmental milestones and they asked about speech, hearing, dexterity, and such but nothing asked about her taste buds and that's probably because toddlers are just weird with food - my girl was dipping her goldfish crackers into the yellow mustard we had for our pretzels and was loving the combo. Is cheesy-mustard a thing? I wouldn't know - I'm lactose intolerant. 

D: Your daughter is slow to speak.
M: Well, that's Biblical!
D: She's not slow to wrath.
M: Well, that's just judgmental.
L: bababa

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Trust Fails

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Something I've noticed when I draw my comics on cards and give them to people, is that they tend to be misread. I'm not sure how to fix that since many of my comics depend on clever wordplay, and if you're "lazy reading" then you're going to fill in the expected word instead of the similar but incorrect and therefore humorous word that makes the joke work. So focus on my artwork please! Or rather the text in my artwork. 

My husband Someone beta-read my comic and responded "yep, we have those at my work."

Did you know there's a bonus to my digital comics that my pen-and-paper ones don't have, and that is the mouseover? You can put your cursor over the comic and see some bonus text, usually a continuation of the joke in the comic but sometimes just a random thought I had - it's a tossup as to what you'll get there. 

A: Alright, line up over here for the trust fails!
B: ...You mean trust falls, right?
C: I'm gonna skip this one.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

And They Never Learned Each Other's Names

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So I confess that there was a guy in my previous neighborhood who had a dog names Jasper (like one of the foundations of the New Jerusalem, per the owner) and every time I saw them walking I always remembered the dog's name but totally forgot the owner's name. For whatever reason, it can be easier to remember cute kid's and pet's names but adult's names just go in one ear and out the other. 

Title: And They Never Learned Each Other's Names
M: This is Zoey. (walking a dog)
L: Aw, this is Lucy! (holding hand of toddler)

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Things I Am Not Bold Enough to Try Part 1

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Will this be a new series, like my I Don't Know How to Respond in This Type of Situation series? Maybe, if I think of more ideas that I'm not bold enough to try. I believe I've mentioned Throckmorton in a previous comic, but the name is from a school textbook talking about "your cousin Throckmorton, a skateboarder." It's just a very bold name. I jokingly mentioned naming my son Throckmorton and my brother had the proper response of "he'll be skateboarding by six months." 

Explanation: I just want to know how someone would respond if I told them my kid's name was one of the ones I jokingly picked out (like Luigi or Vashti).

Title: Things I am not bold enough to try
A: Your son is so cute - what's his name?
L: Throckmorton. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

One Who Lives

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Happy almost Birthday to my niece and Grandma!
Who else plays Wordle? Who else struggles when coming up with a word and thinks, that can't be a word, when it's clearly a basic word? The word was "anger" for me a few days ago - I thought "One who angs? What does that even mean???" But thinking of "liver" makes me think of "deliver" which reminds me of a joke where the nurse says they're going to deliver the baby but the parents say they want their baby to keep their liver. 

Explanation: sometimes when you stare at a word too long, it really doesn't seem like it's spelled correctly or is a real word. At least that's how it works with me. If a driver is one who drives, then a liver should be one who lives. But is a river one who rives? 

A: "Liver" - what kind of word is that?
B: One who lives.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Nameless Wife of Noah

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Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! And Happy Birthday to my niece!

Explanation: In the Biblical account about Noah, his sons' names are Shem, Ham, and Japheth. The phrase "such a ham" means someone who over-acts it seems? It's a weird phrase and now that I've looked into it I don't feel better about it. This comic is highlighting that parents tend to mix up their kids' names. I remember hearing a song a few years ago where the singer bemoaned that his mom would call him a string of all the kids' and pets' names. It's the classic kid-in-a-large-family experience but I guess I'll find out if just having two kids means I'll still mix up their names. 

NW: You are such a ham!
J: Mom, I'm Japheth.

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Battleship with the Pimpernel, Part 2

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Blog Update! Well, RSS Email update to be specific - if you have signed up to get my emails, so each time a new comic posts you get an email, you will see it coming from a new address. This is because I finally not only opened a specific ComicalTrueStory email account, but also fixed my MailChimp issue so now I can use the new account with the scheduled emails. So if you see something off with how the email is being sorted in your inbox, that could be the culprit. It's still me here! Just a new email address.

Happy Anniversary to my parents! When they came to visit recently, we watched this movie and I was inspired to write some comics. While the 1980's movie is great, my classic memory of The Scarlet Pimpernel is the Wishbone episode, which sadly isn't linked in the Wiki article so maybe I'll rectify that someday. 
Explanation: In the movie, the Scarlet Pimpernel's alter-ego Sir Percy likes to quote a poem about said Pimpernel: "They seek him here, they seek him there, those Frenches seek him everywhere...."

Title: Battleship with the Pimpernel, Part 2
C: C2
P: They seek him here, they seek him there-
C: Just say miss!

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Battleship with the Pimpernel, Part 1


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So we watched this classic film a little bit ago and I've never read the book so I can't say if it's a good rendition of the novel but it is a good movie. There is a bit of violence since it is the French Revolution so people are getting beheaded quite a bit. The Battleship game was invented in the early 1900's per Wiki, so they would not have been playing it during the French Revolution, but the actors could have been playing it in the 1980's while filming the movie. 

Explanation: In the 1980's movie The Scarlet Pimpernel, the main actor's catchphrase is "Sink me" said with an accent. In the table top game Battleship, your goal is to sink your opponent's battleships, and when you land enough hits they have to tell you it's sunk. 

Title: Battleship with the Pimpernel, Part 1
C: B5
P: Sink meh!

Sunday, May 7, 2023

Train Wreck on Horizon

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So I get that it's helpful to know what's coming up, but please remember that parenting (at any level but especially an infant) is hard and you should let people enjoy where they are instead of bringing up how it's going to get worse. We know it's going to get worse - that's just how life works until we get to glory. Try to focus on how things will get better - help the sleep-deprived parents see the positive rather than the negative. 

L: I'm glad he's sleeping for four-hour stretches at night.
N: Well, just wait till - 
L: NO! I am enjoying this moment - do not draw my attention to the train wreck on the horizon.

Thursday, May 4, 2023

Red Bean Black Tea Latte


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True Story, I saw it on the menu and thought, "I have had red bean pastries and they were good, so surely the drink will be similarly good." I was not prepared to have actual beans in my drink. My husband thought it was bubbles, but no they were actual (soft) beans just not really floating but existing at the bottom of my beverage. I drank the whole thing but I won't be ordering it again. 

M: How is your red bean black tea latte?
L: I slightly regret my curiousity.

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

German Shoes

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Happy almost Birthday to my husband! You do so much for us <3

So in German, "spargel" means asparagus and they have some big festivals about it. Apparently it's a big deal. Who am I to judge - I grew up in a town that had a yearly festival (with a parade!) to honor a certain fish swimming through the river. 

Explanation: this is a confusion between "sparkly" and "spargel-y". This comic was spawned after listening to a song I really like off Owl City's latest album "Coco Moon" titled "My Muse" - the singer mentions "the sparkle in your eye" but it sounds like "spargel in your eye." 

L: Why did you get our daughter shoes with asparagus on them? That's rather odd.
M: I thought she wanted spargel-y shoes.