Thursday, May 18, 2023

Things I Am Not Bold Enough to Try Part 1

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Will this be a new series, like my I Don't Know How to Respond in This Type of Situation series? Maybe, if I think of more ideas that I'm not bold enough to try. I believe I've mentioned Throckmorton in a previous comic, but the name is from a school textbook talking about "your cousin Throckmorton, a skateboarder." It's just a very bold name. I jokingly mentioned naming my son Throckmorton and my brother had the proper response of "he'll be skateboarding by six months." 

Explanation: I just want to know how someone would respond if I told them my kid's name was one of the ones I jokingly picked out (like Luigi or Vashti).

Title: Things I am not bold enough to try
A: Your son is so cute - what's his name?
L: Throckmorton. 

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