Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Battleship with the Pimpernel, Part 1


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So we watched this classic film a little bit ago and I've never read the book so I can't say if it's a good rendition of the novel but it is a good movie. There is a bit of violence since it is the French Revolution so people are getting beheaded quite a bit. The Battleship game was invented in the early 1900's per Wiki, so they would not have been playing it during the French Revolution, but the actors could have been playing it in the 1980's while filming the movie. 

Explanation: In the 1980's movie The Scarlet Pimpernel, the main actor's catchphrase is "Sink me" said with an accent. In the table top game Battleship, your goal is to sink your opponent's battleships, and when you land enough hits they have to tell you it's sunk. 

Title: Battleship with the Pimpernel, Part 1
C: B5
P: Sink meh!

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