Tuesday, May 16, 2023

One Who Lives

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Happy almost Birthday to my niece and Grandma!
Who else plays Wordle? Who else struggles when coming up with a word and thinks, that can't be a word, when it's clearly a basic word? The word was "anger" for me a few days ago - I thought "One who angs? What does that even mean???" But thinking of "liver" makes me think of "deliver" which reminds me of a joke where the nurse says they're going to deliver the baby but the parents say they want their baby to keep their liver. 

Explanation: sometimes when you stare at a word too long, it really doesn't seem like it's spelled correctly or is a real word. At least that's how it works with me. If a driver is one who drives, then a liver should be one who lives. But is a river one who rives? 

A: "Liver" - what kind of word is that?
B: One who lives.

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