Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Cross-Country Snowboarding

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So often when I'm talking with people, work comes up and I use to work in an office and I like what I did. But a few years ago I had a major change so now I'm not an office working software engineer. And often, I miss my programming days. But then I find some of the comics, like this one, that I wrote during my office days and I realize I'm not missing those annoying parts. So it's good to remember both the good and the bad of the past so you don't idolize it all rosy-like.

Explanation: You cannot move across a flat surface with both feet strapped into your snowboard. Well, you can but it involves jumping/lunging and that's exhausting. So cross-country skiing is totally a thing which is a real workout, but cross-country snowboarding would just be super frustrating and might be entertaining to watch. UPDATE: I am at least the second party to think of this sport because here's a video about this "sport." 

A: How is your job going?
B: Like I'm cross-country snowboarding. 

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