Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Trust Fails

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Something I've noticed when I draw my comics on cards and give them to people, is that they tend to be misread. I'm not sure how to fix that since many of my comics depend on clever wordplay, and if you're "lazy reading" then you're going to fill in the expected word instead of the similar but incorrect and therefore humorous word that makes the joke work. So focus on my artwork please! Or rather the text in my artwork. 

My husband Someone beta-read my comic and responded "yep, we have those at my work."

Did you know there's a bonus to my digital comics that my pen-and-paper ones don't have, and that is the mouseover? You can put your cursor over the comic and see some bonus text, usually a continuation of the joke in the comic but sometimes just a random thought I had - it's a tossup as to what you'll get there. 

A: Alright, line up over here for the trust fails!
B: ...You mean trust falls, right?
C: I'm gonna skip this one.

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