Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Food Color Transfer


The art of cooking?

I made a bunch of meals to throw in the freezer a week or two before Lucy's due date (or rather harvest date because she was a C-section) and I am very grateful I had the forethought to do that because yeah, fussy baby makes meal prep difficult. This comic was inspired by those meals, which include all sorts of meat and veggies because I was trying to have a nice assortment so there's beef, chicken, and seafood. I got the recipes from a QR code in a Better Homes & Gardens magazine which led to a list of like forty make-ahead meals. I would post the link but I can't find it anymore - I have a list of the recipes that I chose from the article but that'd be tedious to post here. So just know there are many meals you can make ahead and freeze (in portion sizes so for us it's just two and that defrosts fairly quickly). 

Speaking of freezers, tomorrow is FRIDGE DAY!!! The annual reminder of that time my mom's fridge was delivered and there was chaos. 

Mom: Cooke the chicken til it's no longer pink, and cook the shrimp til it's pink.
Daughter: Ah, a classic color transfer.
Mom: No.

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