Thursday, June 3, 2021

Dasher Approaching


Mark says "no, I actually do NOT know Dasher or Dancer or any of them"

A Christmas reference in June? Well, we are getting Door Dash every once in a while (especially when Lucy was first born because neither she nor I were up to going out and about) and this conversation happened (the person who delivers the food for Door Dash is called a Dasher). I want to abbreviate Door Dash to DD but to me that means Dunkin Donuts so I keep spelling it out to be clear. Can you name all the reindeer? I think it would be funny if someone started up a Door Dash knock-off and called it Door Dancer/Prancer/Vixen but actually that doesn't sound like a food delivery service so maybe don't go down that track. Also it'd need to be in a different form (Dash vs Dasher i.e. Door Prance? Dance?). I think they picked the right one for Door Dash. I guess Door Comet/Cupid/Donner/Blitzen could work but it wouldn't be clear what the point of the service was. But all that aside, it is very convenient to get food delivered when you have a newborn but are wanting something specific that you don't want to make. Like Middle Eastern Kebabs (from Maiwan Kebab) or Japanese Ramen (from Akira Ramen). 

M: Dasher is on his way.
L: What about Prancer?

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