Sunday, June 13, 2021


Well, this will make it difficult to post comics....

It works now! But the child is upset....

And Mark has her so I can schedule a comic! We aren't sure why she's fussy, but that's her default state. Anyways, I received an email a while ago about FeedBurner (how I send out my emails) being retired so I need to find a new way to send them, and I tasked my Mark with finding that way and he decided on MailChimp since we use that in other venues. But I need to get that set up and hopefully the change will be seamless. It will have happened by this point because FeedBurner is closing at the beginning of June. It's currently the end of May so I need to get a move on transferring to the new service. 

L: Can you set up the FeedMonkey for me?
M: ... MailChimp RSS?
L: Yeah, that. 

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