Thursday, June 24, 2021

Wet Socks


Let's just ban wet socks, they are the worst.

Sometimes you want a solution and sometimes you want to vent. Sometimes you want to vent and then get the solution. The solution to the problem above is that people should not spill water and just leave it to be stepped in. Once it has been stepped in, the damage is done and irreparable. Especially if that person really hates having wet socks. Honestly though, sometimes the solution is a simple change of socks but instead an individual might stay angry in wet socks for a while. Just change the socks and get into a better head space. But also the spill should be cleaned up - nobody wants to step in it. So there's a solution on both sides.
And if someone really hates wet socks, keeping a spare pair at my work office was a great idea because sometimes it rained and there were huge, unavoidable puddles on the way in to work and nobody wants to sit in air conditioning with wet socks. Bleh. So having a spare pair is good. 

L: And now my sock is WET!!!
M: Well, we are at home - you could change into new socks.
L: No, I'm going to walk around in these and be angry!

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