Sunday, May 30, 2021

Casserole Pans

Thought of this at a church fellowship

This one was inspired by a church fellowship in the time of Covid when we were wondering how our church would handle dishing (haha) out the food - turns out they asked for volunteers to serve the food out so they were the only ones to touch the handles (I think that's how some buffets have handled it as well). It was a tasty fellowship - for those outside of Baptist circles, 'fellowship' means a church gathering centered around a meal. Sometimes the food is supplied by the church, sometimes it's a potluck and everyone brings something to share. The potlucks work best when there's a theme and people sign up or are designated what to bring so we don't end up with 15 green salads and three of the same sandwiches. My previous church would use the last names and say A-H brings sandwiches and I-P brings salads and R-Z brings desserts and singles bring drinks or chips. 

M: How will they serve the casseroles?
L: Let's see how it pans out.

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