Sunday, May 16, 2021

Pastries in the Park

It's nice to not be covered in powdered sugar

Before the baby but after the Pandemic started, we began a Sunday tradition of going to Roggenart (which now has a second location open in Ellicott City!), getting some pastries and chai tea lattes, then enjoying them in a nearby park before heading to our church's 11am in-person service. On rainy or cold days, we eat at the restaurant. Eventually, we will restart our tradition once I'm all healed up from the cesarean and the kiddo is ready to be introduced to the world because I really like this tradition. It should go into the Good Times Jar (a mason jar on a side table in our living room which we plan to read every New Years, put the slips in an envelope, and restart the jar). 
Happy almost-Birthday to my Grandma and Niece! 

Title: Pastries in the Park
L: The good news is I'm not getting any powdered sugar on myself. The bad news is you're downwind of me.
M: I've noticed.

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