Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Nature Sounds

It's amazing what all Alexa can do!

We've been having some nice weather which means most days we have some windows open, provided they aren't making too much noise with the construction on our block (someone is putting in a new house and another is replacing their deck). There are lots of birds in our area which make for relaxing nature noise. Pretty soon the seventeen year cicadas are gonna emerge (I saw my first exoskeleton today when I went to get the mail) (today is about two weeks ago because the baby is sleeping so I'm scheduling comics while the peace lasts) and once they are all out and about we might want the windows closed again. Bleh, they are gross. Leaving their shells all around. 

L: Want to listen to some music or just nature sounds?
M: Nature sounds are good.
L: Ok - Alexa, play nature sounds.

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