Thursday, April 9, 2020


Trig! I took trigonometry in college because I was a software engineering major. I minored in math because there was so much math in the major, I just had to take two calculus classes to get it (also, I avoided ALL science classes which I saw as a win). Alas, my college found out about this and changed the major (after I graduated thankfully) to having science electives instead of math/science electives so the overlap was greatly reduced. But with the overlap, I didn't have enough credits to graduate with just my major and minor (one credit short), so I took some random classes to fill my schedule - handbells, first aid, a computer hardware class, and others just for fun. It was nice.
My husband was the same minor/major as me but then he decided to double-major (adding computer information systems) which meant he had to drop his minor but he had already done the classes so on his transcript Calc I & II are listed as electives which makes him look like a nerd. I love my nerd.

N: Our profits are on a sinusoidal line.
L: Why not cosinusoidal?
N: Don't get me on a tangent.

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