Thursday, April 23, 2020

Tool vs Tulle

Drawing tiny tools is difficult, but I managed to put a hammer, saw, and screwdriver with duct tape as the waistband. I could see this happening on an episode of "Last Man Standing" or "Home Improvement" (both staring Tim Allen). Except he had sons in Home Improvement, so it'd more likely work in a flashback in Last Man Standing since he has daughters in that one (I stopped watching a few seasons ago - that show started good then just kept getting more objectionable). If my family was a sitcom and my eldest sister dropped off her girls with my dad, I could see this happening. And they would be amazing tool skirts.

Amanda: Are the girls dressed in their tulle skirts for their ballet recital?
Adam: ... There has been a misunderstanding.
Adeline: *shrugs*

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