Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Two Heads

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Happy almost birthday to my little one! Wow, it's been a year. 
This comic came to me when a speaker mentioned the phrase about "looking at me like I had two heads." I'm trying to find the phrase but I'll I'm seeing is the phrase about "two heads are better than one" which is kind of the opposite meaning to the phrase for which I am looking. 

To explain, in Greek mythology there is a three-headed dog (named Cerberus). This comic is a play on the phrase "looked at me like I had two heads" which means "looked at me like I was weird" since most people only have one head. The joke is that this dog has three heads, so while "two heads" is still wrong, it's too few rather than too many. 

Fairy: *staring*
Cerberus 1: That guy's looking at us like we have two heads or something.
Cerberus 2: *judgmentally/silently staring back*
Cerberus 3: Weirdo.

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