Thursday, February 23, 2023

Baby Heelys

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You may stand corrected, but those toddlers won't (be able to stand if they have wheels in their shoes). So Heelys are a type of shoe (sneaker) that have like a roller-skate wheel hidden in the heel and you can pop it out and scoot along like a cool kid. The official Heelys site has a size chart which says the smallest they go is 12Y which per a little research is a preschooler size (my toddler is a 7 so that means the smallest Heelys is nearly twice the length of her current shoes). I think it is wise of them to not make the shoes in smaller sizes. 

Also this comic is channeling a little from a character in an excellent show who had great ways to say when something was a bad idea ("that idea just made a bad idea feel a whole lot better about itself")("that idea just gave a bad idea the will to live"). 

A: I cannot think of a worse idea.
B: Baby HeelysⓇ.
A: I stand corrected.

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