Sunday, December 5, 2021

Nap Pass

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Happy belated birthday to my sister!
Some days it be like that. But there was a time recently where she refused to nap so I just let her play but then she was SUPER tired and also SUPER hungry and she was crying so hard she couldn't nurse but she was too tired to stop and it was truly a mess. Now I know what happens when she skips a nap. It was rough. (I was eventually able to calm her down enough so she could feed and immediately fall asleep.)

The phrase "hard pass" always reminds me of the TV show "Lethal Weapon" - in one episode there is a wedding of an annoying character and one of the lead characters declines by writing "hard pass" on the RSVP. 

M: Did you try putting her down for a nap?
L: Yep, it was a hard bass.
L2: *babbling*

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