Sunday, December 12, 2021

Month of Broken Hallelujahs

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The song being sung here is "Broken Hallelujah" which, while a pretty tune in my opinion, is not Biblically sound. It blends David and Samson, I don't understand all the lyrics which means I probably don't want to, and overall not actually about Christmas but it's sung around Christmas. Now I want to know why. Here's a theory. Nothing conclusive, basically people don't listen to lyrics and also change the lyrics via covers so now it's played at Christmas even though it's about lost love. But it has a pretty tune. 

My comic here is just the fact that "March" is an action (to march forward in victory) and also a month (right before April). 

A: 𝆕 Love is not a victory march 𝆕 -
B: Is it a victory April? 

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