Sunday, September 12, 2021

Dinos are a Girl's Best Friend Part 1


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I misheard this phrase and now like this version better. I might paint a canvas of it, with a dinosaur in a flower crown and the phrase artfully written somewhere around the dinosaur. I have a little makeup pouch from Kohl's that has dinosaurs in flower crowns - it's from the Lauren Conrad brand and it makes me so happy that there are dinosaurs in her jewelry and such. Most of her brand is floral breezy pieces, but there are some dinosaurs and that's amazing. Also, "dinos" is a shortened form of "dinosaurs" and I don't know why spell-checker isn't liking it. 

L: You know the saying - dinos are a girl's best friend.
A: You mean diamonds?
L: No, pretty sure it's dinos. 

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