Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Python Math

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A little late, but yay my finger has healed to the point where typing is not painful, so that was only a few days out of commission. Still keeping it wrapped to limit movement and avoid catching the split on anything. 

 Before any panic ensues, the Python in question is a programming language. Why is it called python? That's a great question and I need to look that up. Haha, I NEVER would have guess that. Here's the link. The programming language is named after Monty Python's Flying Circus. As for this comic, I don't recall the article I read that inspired it. I learned Python for some tasks at my last job, and I don't recall having any issues with math in it but I was not using it for math functions - I was retrieving, modifying, and returning data with it. But since I was learning the language, I read a lot of articles on it and somehow this comic came into being. 

L: The more I learn about Python math, the more I just don't want to know.
R: Snakes can do math now?!?!?

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