Sunday, October 31, 2021

Double Double AGAIN


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I originally posted this back in 2013. I thought about updating it to my current style since I can't think of a Halloween one for this year but I kinda like how my old look looks. Back in the day of pencil, ink and color, scan, trim, then post. I had a stack of little scraps of paper where I'd doodle all my first draft ideas then tuck them into my sketchbook - it was crammed full. Maybe I should scan in a few of them for nostalgia. I would come up with ideas at all times of the day, at work or church or wherever. I would transfer the idea doodles into my nice sketchbook when I was ready to work on comics - I made the border by tracing around a scrap of paper that was cut to be the size I wanted my comics (so two could fit on a page of my sketchbook). 

Now I have a Google Note on my phone where I write the text of my comics as the ideas hit me throughout my day - sometimes I'm too vague and when I go to make the comic I have no idea what I was aiming for. When I'm ready to make comics, I open the note and open my editor and draw what comes to mind. 

*Three witches around a cauldron*
Two of them: Double Double Toil and Trouble
Third one: I ordered a triple!

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