Thursday, February 20, 2020

Ever So Extremely

A great way to discredit someone is to call them a conspiracy theorist. But the label is correct for some people. I once looked into the Flat Earth Society because I was curious how people could think that way, but wow was I surprised. There are people who think their crazy platform is normal and we are crazy to not be on it. This segues nicely into talk about political platforms and how some candidates espouse extreme positions that they tout as just decent and common sense. Actually that seems to be most candidates currently. And this is why it's important to curate your social media feeds. You don't want an echo chamber, where everyone is saying the same thing since that leads to extreme beliefs being seen as normal, but you don't want to get discouraged or disheartened by viewing your feeds. It's a balance. In a rather unbalanced world.

A: What's up with him?
B: He's ever so extremely a conspiracy theorist.

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