Saturday, September 22, 2012

Military Alphabet

Drew this up to help me remember all the words. Lima Mike Charlie :)

Propagating Propaganda

I had typos on this one, but I photo-shopped it and I'm pretty happy with the result :)

Sleeping vs. Flying

Grow Up

Giving Joy

Drawing a blank

Yep, I did.

Fellowship of Light and Darkness

Drawing a black hole is difficult, especially in monochromatic. Link to I John 1.

Written in Stone

Apparently based on the Law of Hammurabi

Running into a Brick Wall

When pushing for change, I feel like this sometimes.


Robbing a Bear of her Cubs

And the uncropped version below:
Proverbs 17:12

Dinner for Paul!

Pie in the Sky

Did not know that "Pie in the sky" refers to heaven...