Sunday, October 17, 2021



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Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law! I forget where I heard this phrase but the response immediately came to mind. There was a devotional I was doing in the YouVersion app where the man said something about "Side B" and that's another phrase from back in the day. I remember a kid at my church finding a floppy disc (3.5) and not having a clue what it was. How do you even get info off a floppy? You'd have to find a drive that can take it. Kind of like getting info off a VHS. We were trying to transfer info between my computer and my husband's computer and we realized the easiest way was to use a thumb drive, but then we had to search around to find one. Oh technology, you just keep changing. Also, are visors (like the orange one the cool man is wearing) coming back into style? I feel like they could. So much of fashion is in cycles and if you hold onto stuff it'll come back (hopefully not all fashions do that, let's just leave massive shoulder pads in the past but wait they could be used for drone landing platforms). 

A: Catch you on the flipside!
B: What does that even mean?!?
C: It means he thinks the 90's were cool. 

Thursday, October 14, 2021

How To Win

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 DuoLingo is an app that helps you learn languages! I've learned basic Latin, a little German, and I'm working on Spanish. They are still adding new levels and languages so when you think you've conquered an area, you go back and realize they added special tenses or extra categories. So you can't win. You can just learn! 

A: How do I win this game?
B: That's DuoLingo??
A: ¿Yes?
B: ... you're doing great.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Eau de Ewww

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Happy Birthday to my niece! She is not the child pictured in this comic :) 
What is Eau de Ewww? It's earthy with sulfuric notes. 

A: What is that awful smell?
L: Eau de Eww.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Chesapeake Chocolate Chip


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I forget how this came up but no, I have not tried it. The savory with the sweet just doesn't seem right to me. For those unaware, Old Bay is a very popular seasoning in Maryland and whenever something is labeled as "Chesapeake" or "Maryland" then they probably put Old Bay on it (chips, marinade, etc.). We keep a small container of Old Bay next to the salt and pepper shakers on our table, so I guess we're true Marylanders. 

A: I use Old Bay as a replacement for salt.
B: Well, that explains why these cookies taste... unique.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Factual Checkboxes


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So this was inspired by my husband sharing an article with me that was blatantly false, where the reporter and all those sharing/retweeting it did absolutely no fact checking. Minimal retractions, if any, were issued once the falsehoods came to light (by the institution involved clearing the record with what was actually going on). Bleh, it's just frustrating when articles are lying or extremely misleading - so many people are led astray. 

So this is a more serious comic but maybe you can find some humor in it? My husband and I can now respond with "it's not one of the boxes" when the situation fits, so that's a little humorful. 

A: Why did you publish this article?
B: It checked all of the boxes!
A: But it's not factual?
B: That's not one of the boxes!

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Seagulls and Baby


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I thought this up when my daughter was finally sleeping after crying about it (she is in a stage when she fights sleep at least half the time). I think the seagulls from Finding Nemo are just so iconic. 

When the baby is being cute: *seagulls all saying "MINE"*
When the baby is crying: *seagulls all saying "YOURS"*

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Wild Caught Boba

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Happy Birthday Eve to my nephew!
We were at a Vietnamese restaurant with some friends and I thought this one up. No, we did not ask this. Yes, you totally should dress up all fancy and go to your local boba kiosk at the mall and ask. Please let me know how it goes. Also, it took me a while (possibly years) to know what bubble tea is and then also to realize that it's shortened to 'boba' by the cool adults. I have had it once and the tapioca pearls grossed me out - I did not like the texture. But I know many people like it, so you do you.

The joke is that bubble tea (boba) has tapioca pearls, which are little jelly blobs of pudding. The customer thinks that tapioca pearls come from oysters like normal pearls, when in fact they are just called pearls for their shape. 

Good Sir: Are your pearls wild-caught?
Server: My dude, we sell boba. 

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Fish Genes

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Shows how little I know? Sometimes derailing a conversation is the best way to handle a situation. 

Also, Happy Birthday to my oldest little Brother! It's so weird that he's turning into an adult. 

M: They put fish genes in strawberries!!!
L: ... I didn't even know fish wore jeans.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Nail Trimming

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It's a double-feature! There's just never a good time to trim the baby's nails. But it seems they need to be trimmed every other day, so you just have to pick a time and go for it. 

Title: Parenting Life
Mom1: I should trim your nails, but you're so happy currently...
Baby1: *cooing*
Mom2: I should trim your nails, but you're so angry currently...
Baby2: *screaming*

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Off Flavor


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I don't recall what sparked this comic, but I don't believe it tasted all that good. You know when you can't tell what something is trying to be but you know it just isn't hitting it? Or it's trying to be something you've never wanted to taste, like durian or lychee. 

A: What flavor is this?
B: Hmmm... Off.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Leeky Soup


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So first off - leeks are tasty. They look like giant chives (green onions) and are perfect for adding to soups. But secondly, they are quite large and chopping the white and light green portions of one leek gives you way more than one cup of goods. I had too many ingredients to add to my pressure cooker, so we had to split it between that and a Dutch oven. It all worked out in the end, only a little panic in the middle, and now I know to measure as I chop and save off the excess instead of just mixing it all in (but then I had plenty of leftovers and that's always a good plan). Also I did this when my parents and brothers were visiting so my mom is guest starring in this comic. Hi Mom!

L2: Well, it wanted two cups of chopped leeks but I chopped up two whole leeks.
L1: It's gonna be a leeky soup!

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Boundless Art

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So I did a painting recently of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and it's that phrase surrounded by stars and diamonds on a background of a star-filled sky. (Official artwork for that song is super trippy.) To do the background, I painted my canvas dark blue then flicked the canvas with white paint - it turned out pretty nice. I might have added some dots as well to balance things out - I do that sometimes with flicked paints. But after flicking, I looked at my black office chair and... there was some stars over there. But it's ok - it came out fine (both the painting and the chair cleaning). 

L: True art knows no bounds!
M: You got paint on my chair. 

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Out of Containment


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So our little one has had some blowouts of massive proportions and this comic just sprang into my mind. Usually she passes gas so forcefully I just don't see how it could be contained, but that's what the diaper is built for so usually it holds it all in. But sometimes it fails. 

The phrase "asset out of containment" is used in the Jurassic World franchise to say a dinosaur has escaped. I'm using the phrase in this comic in reference to poop getting out of the diaper.

L1: Let's hope no assets are out of containment!

Thursday, September 16, 2021

The One Whom My Soul Loves


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Happy Birthday Eve to me! Also, the mouseover is totally worth it for this one. As for the passage that I'm quoting here, well, use caution when quoting from Song of Solomon. There's a lot of... interesting stuff going on in there. And the baby is awake again! So much for this blurb.

M: *humming the Spider-Man theme while setting the table*
L: I have found the one whom my soul loves. [Song of Solomon 3:4a]

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Dinos are a Girl's Best Friend Part 2


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Well when you think of it that way... We don't what carbon was compacted to make the diamonds. From the Biblical event of the Flood, all sorts of carbon was plunged beneath the flood waters. I had more to write, but the baby is crying so I need to go get her up from her nap. Glad she slept for as long as she did!

L: You know the saying - dinos are a girl's best friend.
B: You mean diamonds?
L: Where do you think the carbon came from?
B: Oh...