Sunday, January 17, 2021

Dessert at Grandma's House

So much cake

True Story, my grandparents are amazing and my Grandma does indeed have back-up desserts in case the first course is finished. Everything she makes is amazing and the comic just didn't do the mousse justice because when I tried to add whipped topping, it just looked like the cake had holes in it. And the spare dessert was pulled from the freezer because my Grandma bakes ahead of time and freezes for when it's needed, so everything's home made still, just some things are not made that day. And she has family over so much, the extras don't stay in the freezer that long. 

H: And in case we finish this chocolate mousse, I've pulled a carrot cake from the freezer.
M: I love going to Grandma's house!

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Train of Thought Derailment


There were no survivors

This is what happens sometimes. Or a lot of times. Once the train hops off the tracks, there's no getting it back on. Might as well just move on to another topic. Also, I like cool socks - totally worth derailing a thought train over them. I got some socks for Christmas which have dinosaurs wearing Santa hats - I like them but it's no longer the season for them. 

A: What we need to do is - oh, I like your socks!
B: Cool... Where is your previous train of thought?
A: Umm... Derailed? No survivors. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Totally Different Movies: Rocky and Mowinkel

Rocky and Mowinkel

This one has been sitting around for a while and might be past due but I was hoping to share it with the Olympics since it was inspired by the last Winter Olympics however the Summer ones didn't happen and now here it is. The movie should be Rocky and Bullwinkle but instead is Rocky and Mowinkel. I don't even know what this movie would be about. It would be nothing like the flying squirrel and moose cartoon, of that I am fairly certain. 

Title: Totally Different Movies Presents... Rocky and Mowinkel
*Rocky Balboa the fictional boxer stands next to Ragnhild Mowinkel the Olympic skier *

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Puppy Charging Cable

Adds a mega-bite

 The item mentioned and sort of shown in the comic above:
I don't recall where I got it but my charger is too fat for his mouth - he's suppose to fit snuggly to your phone to help the charger get a solid connection but he's just decoration at this point. 

The joke is that memory is measured in megabits and megabytes but if a puppy tries really hard he can give a mega bite :) 

A: What a cute puppy on your charging cable.
L: He adds memory to my phone!
A: Really?!
L: One mega-bite :) 

Thursday, January 7, 2021



What is published when an NES console dies

I was mentioning that my husband got me an amazing 8-bit Christmas shirt and then my brother-in-law inspired this comic. Happy Birthday to him! The shirt is really comfy and the design is just amazing. The NES is a rather old game system and I think the one from my childhood (actually a little before my childhood) is still running in my grandparents' basement. Many good memories from that system with the stomp pad and the orange duck hunt gun. 

The pun is blending '8-bit' with 'obituary'. I like the aesthetic of 8-bit games and the sound of 8-bit music (check out The Greatest Bits). Also 'console' as a noun is a game system and as a verb means to comfort. 

A: Nooooo - my NES console died!!!
B: Want me to write up an 8-bituary?
A: ...
B: Would that... console you?

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Sugar, Sugar


Honey Sugar Sugar Sweet-n-Low

We were watching football (Yay Ravens at least they were doing well when I wrote this back in mid-December) and this song came on in a commercial that kept showing up and I don't know all the lyrics but I probably improved them. Actually the lyrics I just saw mention candy, which is not one of the forms of sugar that I supplied here. I didn't add HFCS, that would just ruin the mood. 

M: *singing* Oh honey - sugar, sugar - agave dextrose - Splenda Sweet-n-Low
W: *confused, but might like it*

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Call vs Text

Please text

 A modern take on a classic song? I'm gonna be honest, I didn't know any of the lyrics other than parts of the chorus and I didn't know that it actually mentions New Years Day! So this is fitting as the first comic of the new year? Except the song is about not calling on a special day, just to show your love. So maybe it's not a fitting song. But it's the third of the new year, so maybe it still fits. 

M: *singing* I just called to say I -
L: Please just text me. 

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Short-Sighted Plans


Need some Lasik

Happy New Years Eve! Wishing all the best for 2021. Maybe have some long-term plans, but also short-term ones are good. I haven't seriously considered Lasik, but it would be nice to not need glasses. I use to wear contacts most of the time, but since the Lockdowns started I have been sticking with my glasses. No sense putting in contacts if I'm just staying around the house? But contacts are nicer when wearing a mask since they don't fog up. 

A: Why did she tell me to Lasik my plans?
B: I'm guessing they're short-sighted.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Meeting Review


Let's recrap the last three hours of this meeting

I misheard something like this at work and it fit. Normally called a recap, but after some meetings it's better said this way. I'm grateful for remote work where you can doodle without people watching you (and also you can do some code review when the topic isn't relevant to you specifically). But many meetings are good and helpful and it's nice to know what all the company is doing, even if they go to a level that's not specifically relevant to me. 

A: As we wrap up this three hour meeting, let's take the last fifteen minutes to recrap what we've covered so far.
B,C: *frustration*

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Rhino Virus


Horn erupted from his face

Today I learned that rhinoviruses are named from the Greek 'rhinos' which means 'of the nose' and that makes sense. At least 'horn erupting from face' is not a common symptom of the common cold! I wonder if cases of colds have gone down this year since so many people are staying indoors, away from people and the weather. I'm sure someone has the data on that, but I don't know how it's calculated since so many people (many of them children) get colds and just tough it out, so there wouldn't be records of them.

A: I wasn't feeling well, then this horn erupted on my face!
B: Ah, classic rhino virus. 

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Mary Knew


Yes! Angelic message, Messianic prophecies

Merry Christmas Eve!

One of my friends on Facebook posted basically along the same lines, that yes she knew. She didn't know all the intricate details, but she wasn't going into this blind. The song being referenced is "Mary, Did You Know?" which asks that question many times. Also, new to me, someone re-wrote the lyrics borrowing phrases from the Magnificat to show that she did know, and I kinda like it. I get that the original song has its charm, but it does kinda paint Mary in a clueless light. She couldn't know everything that would happen, but she did know quite a bit. 

A: *singing* Mary, did you know -
M: YES! An angel literally appeared and told me! Also, I know my Messianic prophesies.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020



I'm quite proud of the abbreviation on this one

The characters are Nestor the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey (not to be confused with Dominick the Donkey, who has average-sized ears), Jumbo Jr. (Dumbo), and Pascal.  Wow, how many hyperlinks can I include? The pun in there which I'm quite proud of is that the group's name has the initials 'SCALE' and is for cartoons with abnormally large ears, and Pascal has scales but no ears (since he's a chameleon). Will I make a follow-up about the group Pascal is headed to? No promises since I haven't thought up a proper pun for it yet. 

Banner: Society of Cartoons with Abnormally Large Ears
Nestor: Sorry Pascal - you're in the wrong group.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Silent Night on Percussion


A drummer playing Silent Night

I don't recall what sparked this one but now that I think of it, I have not heard such a rendition. I think the song is better fitted for a strings rendition, maybe a harp. Hand chimes would be nice - I played them in high school as part of the hand bells chorus. That was enjoyable. I played in college, too. Also, I am now imagining these characters are the announcers from Holey Moley.

JT: Our next contestant is a drummer who will play "Silent Night."
RR: Well, that's unexpected.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Jingle Bell Rock

It's a classic Christmas song

Sometimes coming up with holiday themed comics is hard. Sometimes it's because I came up with them then put them in my holiday folder and didn't think to look there until after the holiday. Thankfully I didn't file this one away, so that's good. Hey I should check that folder and whaaaat I found some Christmas comics.
Wasn't sure the best way to draw a rock but it turned out more like a lump of coal and that's Christmas themed so that's good?

AAHAHHHHHHH Christmas is in a week and that is super close and I need to finish my crochet projects. And wrap them up. And probably make cookies. 

The song is Jingle Bell Rock, which is all about the secular side of Christmas and not the actual reason for the season. 

Text: The classic Christmas song
Image: Three jingle bells and a rock

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Team Names: Beta


Beta, Marlin, Goldfish

Another list of team names! To explain, "beta" is used in tech to signify a new feature that isn't fully ready to the public - usually just released to a small set of users to get a feel for how it works and get feedback to make it ready for general release. The fish names were picked because Beta fish are loners (have to be in a tank by themselves and yes they can live in small quarters but no they should not, give them space), Marlins have pointy noses (i.e. sharp, cutting-edge), and Goldfish are known for their short memory span. 

A: Would you like to join the Beta team?
B: I do like cutting-edge stuff.
A: Oh, that'd be the Marlin team. Beta is our solo projects. Goldfish is short-term projects.