Thursday, March 30, 2023

Sky Bison vs Ground Bison

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Happy Birthday to my nephew!
I have a crocheted Appa in our teddy bear basket downstairs and I'm waiting for the day when Lucy realizes that one of those critters is mythological. We have a regular bison teddy (teddy bison? bison bear?) from our trip out to Nebraska and yeah the sky bison does not look at all like a regular bison, with the extra legs and the coloring and the massive tail. 

Explanation: Appa is a sky bison from a kid's show. In the real world, you can buy bison meat in several forms including ground (like ground beef). The comic plays on the sky vs ground dichotomy. 

M: That is Appa, a sky bison.
L: You can't find those in a grocery store.
M: Nope, they only have ground bison.
L2: *obliviously playing with Appa*

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Free Hearing Tests

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My man was not with me when I saw the sign for free hearing tests in Costco, but I feel like this comic is not far from the truth had he been there. No, I'm not drawing Lucy in the grocery cart that I was pushing because that would be far too complicated. 

L: Hey, they're offering free hearing tests over there.
M: What?
L: Yeah, let's go check that out. 

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Knight Mare of Narnia

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This was thought up after I saw the excellent production of The Horse and His Boy at the Museum of the Bible down in D.C. It was really well done. If they tour near you, I highly recommend going. I feel like this scene could have happened after the events of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe but before the events of The Horse and His Boy. I like how Narnia has talking horses (among other animals) so the dialog works. Some would say this is a reason why C.S. Lewis did not give Lucy a sword (she was given a dagger and I feel like you can't knight your subjects with that). I thought about having the horse say "What did Edmund do this time?" but went with the dialog above instead. I also realize the size of the girl and the horse are not quite right, but it looked odd to me to have the horse properly taller than the girl. Horses are surprisingly tall.  

Explanation: The horse (a mare) is getting knighted, making her a Knight Mare. This is a play on the word 'nightmare' and directly ties into why she's being given the mission of terrorizing the Queen's brother. 

QL: I dub thee Knight Mare, now go terrorize my brother!
B: Yes, Queen Lucy.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Daughter at Dawn

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Yeah, toddlers are like that. Why must they rise before the sun on days when there is no need, but if you have somewhere to be by 9am then you have to pull them out of bed? I always feel bad when waking my little one because it's usually a struggle to get her to sleep. But then there are the mornings when she wakes at 4am and cheerily greets us and wants to turn off her white noise and hand in her pacifier and start her day and we're like NOPE so we get the parenting joy of somehow having a toddler take up the majority of a king-sized bed with her head jammed into one of us while the other gets poked with her toes. How can someone so small take up a space so big? It makes no sense. 

M: My darling, the sun is not up yet *yawn*
L2: Your daughter is!

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Fine Mist

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I mean, yes, but how? Maybe in a sandstorm? A light sandstorm, just gently covering you with sand. Anakin would hate that. But a mist is usually in reference to water, and coarse water sounds like a real pollution problem. Need to dilute that? 

A: I'm getting covered in a fine mist.
B: Better than a coarse mist!
A: Yeah, that sounds unpleasant. 

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Entitled BP

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I heard this factoid on the radio and thought up this comic. I have rather low BP (still in the ok range, but near the bottom of said range), so I look for ways to not lower it further. Not sure if entitlement is the proper solution - actually I am sure it's not. 

M: Gratitude can lower your blood pressure!
L: So... I need to feel more entitled?

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Flickering Lightbulb

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No worries, he changed the light bulb. And then a few days later, another lightbulb started flickering. But no worries, that light is just dead now which quite frankly is better than the flickering. It's in a rather high ceiling so it's annoying to get the ladder to swap it out. But then again, we have a dead lightbulb in our bathroom right over the sink mirror and we haven't bothered to reach up and swap it out. But there's a lot of lights in that bathroom so one being out isn't as noticeable or annoying. Someday, we will have all the lightbulbs lit. Only for another to blow. That's how the story goes, as they say. 

L: Could you change that flickering lightbulb?
M: OR we could put up strobe light / seizure warning signage. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Foisting Joy

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Happy Pi Day!
It always makes a task sound better to say that it's an honor and privilege. I'm glad I spelled that word correctly because it's weird with the vowels. There have been a few comics that I've uploaded only to type out something from the text and realize I need to go make an edit. Spelling is difficult. Putting a toddler to bed is also difficult.

Blog Update: I have a due date coming up soon, and there's a chance I'll fall behind with my scheduling so there might be a lull in updates. I don't plan on abandoning this blog, because I find it enjoyable to share my thoughts as comics, but finding the time to draw and upload will be more difficult. 

L: Would you like the honor and privilege of putting our darling to bed, or would you rather foist that joy upon me?
M: *panicked deliberations*
L2: {just happy to be here, not at all sleepy}

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Well Fed Ego

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I forget what spawned this comic but it was something about feeding someone's ego and that made me think of an ego as like a type of pet and I wasn't sure how to depict one so I went with a simple blob. It would be interesting to see people's egos in a visible way, like you could tell who was proud or self-confident vs. humble or low self-esteem. But actions don't always equal ego (you could have someone acting like they have low self-esteem just to get people to praise them and inflate their ego). Oh, now I want to draw a follow-up comic where the ego is floating because it's inflated... 

A: What is that blob?!?
B: Oh, my ego. Some say I feed it too much.

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Soup Du Jour

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I thought this up in a restaurant when I saw it on the menu. I'm thinking this comic wouldn't work translated into French because they'd just be like, why would you think the soup of the day is a set recipe?? It's probably whatever is cheapest or about to go bad thrown together, but maybe that's a pessimistic view on the restaurant industry.

Explanation: Soup du jour just means "soup of the day" and it's on many menus because places don't want to reprint the menu daily or however often they change which soup they're offering. 

A: Soup Du Jour is the weirdest soup, like what even is the recipe??? I've had it made so many totally different ways!!!
B: *face palm*

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Lucy vs Susan

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In the Chronicles of Narnia, the character Susan is known as Susan the Gentle whereas her sister Lucy is named Lucy the Valiant. My toddler is constantly being reminded that she needs to be gentle whether that's when she's throwing things or swinging her arms about or (sadly still) biting because she's either irritated or overjoyed or like bored, I don't even know what's going through her head sometimes. I am reminded of a meme I saw which had a huge book with the text "Chronicles of Narnia as Lewis wrote them" then next to it a thin book with the text "Chronicles of Narnia if they gave Lucy a sword." In the books, Lucy is given a dagger whereas her siblings get swords and archery equipment. 

L1: Lucy, you need to be gentle.
L2: Well, you didn't name me Susan!

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Solar Power Producer

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Happy belated Birthday to my Dad! You're the best ♡

So I was at Costco and saw a solar power salesperson and I was able to avoid a conversation but I did think up this comic and was debating if I was bold enough to actually hold this conversation in real life. Time will tell I guess. But also as a human we are kinda solar powered; it's not healthy to avoid the sun completely. As much as it burns me, I realize the sun has some benefits. Opening the curtains is a good thing to do for your household. Even if it super heats up some of the rooms since the front of my house gets like 100% sun and that's why solar panels were a great idea.

Explanation: The salesperson wants to know which company the customer uses for her solar power, but the customer answers where the solar power actually comes from which is the sun i.e. solar. Is the customer talking about herself or her house? It's actually ambiguous! Could go either way. 

S: Are you interested in solar power?
L: We are already solar powered!
S: Oh, where do you get it from?
L: The sun!

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Patience with Patients

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Why do patience (the virtue) and patients (multiple people going to the doctor) sound exactly the same? Why are patient ("be more patient") and patient ("the nurse has a patient") spelled the same? There's probably an etymological reason for that. There's a comedian I follow on Instagram called stage_door_johnny who has all sorts of stories about how English spells things and they are quite humorous. But back to my comic, I'm reminded of the quote I saw somewhere about someone praying "please give me patience - not opportunities to be patient, I've had plenty of those and they don't seem to work."

Nurse 1: Why are people so frustratingly difficult?!?!
Nurse 2: Did you ask the Lord to give you patients or patience?