Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Foisting Joy

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Happy Pi Day!
It always makes a task sound better to say that it's an honor and privilege. I'm glad I spelled that word correctly because it's weird with the vowels. There have been a few comics that I've uploaded only to type out something from the text and realize I need to go make an edit. Spelling is difficult. Putting a toddler to bed is also difficult.

Blog Update: I have a due date coming up soon, and there's a chance I'll fall behind with my scheduling so there might be a lull in updates. I don't plan on abandoning this blog, because I find it enjoyable to share my thoughts as comics, but finding the time to draw and upload will be more difficult. 

L: Would you like the honor and privilege of putting our darling to bed, or would you rather foist that joy upon me?
M: *panicked deliberations*
L2: {just happy to be here, not at all sleepy}

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