Thursday, March 23, 2023

Daughter at Dawn

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Yeah, toddlers are like that. Why must they rise before the sun on days when there is no need, but if you have somewhere to be by 9am then you have to pull them out of bed? I always feel bad when waking my little one because it's usually a struggle to get her to sleep. But then there are the mornings when she wakes at 4am and cheerily greets us and wants to turn off her white noise and hand in her pacifier and start her day and we're like NOPE so we get the parenting joy of somehow having a toddler take up the majority of a king-sized bed with her head jammed into one of us while the other gets poked with her toes. How can someone so small take up a space so big? It makes no sense. 

M: My darling, the sun is not up yet *yawn*
L2: Your daughter is!

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