Sunday, August 11, 2013

Basket Case

Waltzing Around

How one person does a tango? Probably as easy as one person doing a waltz.


Bread Winner

Bury the Hatchet

Here's a link to the Bible passage. Side-note - Elisha and Elijah were amazing people. I recommend reading I Kings 17 and onward to learn more about them.
Here's the origin of the phrase.

Insert Name

So my pastor was giving an example but didn't want to call out a specific work, so he said 'insert name' and I thought that would make a great name for a book. I have no clue what it would be about, but look at the raving reviews!

Threading in Java

This is what he's holding if you can't tell.

Wedding Speech

Another Shakespeare one.

Salt Licks

Origin of the phrase here.

Fast Food Ordering

My little brother gave me the idea for this one.



Wondering what a watershed actually is?