Sunday, October 30, 2022



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The cutest version of Bowser. I like his little wig, really completes the outfit. The guy needs to wear a red hat to fit in with the rest. I had to look up what Princess Peach's crown looks like - I was thinking it was more of a tiara but it's actually a standard round crown. Why does she wear pink instead of, I don't know, peach? Tis a mystery. Maybe the wiki page explains but wow that's a lot of info there so you can peruse if you'd like. 

M: Why is your dog wearing a spiked turtle shell?
P: Bow-Wow-Ser!
B: *silently looking awesome*

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Halloween Husbands

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Is this a strawman argument? Now that I think about it, Frankenstein's Monster would have had a heartbeat, so maybe a vampire would have worked better in this. Oh well, it was thought up about a week before Halloween and this is what I came up with. Remember to stock up on candy in preparation for Monday! What if you don't usually have kids stopping by? Stock up anyways, it's for yourself! But what if you want to get the discount day-after candy sale? You can do that too! Like the candy which doesn't taste all that great, you can buy both Now and Later. 

Scarecrow Lady: Why did you leave your husband?
Bride of Frankenstein: He was a deadbeat.
Scarecrow Lady: At least he had a brain.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Not in it to Win it

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Was this spawned from family game night? Most certainly. Do I take this attitude into all my games? No, I do like to win but it's not the most important thing. I make an effort to have an enjoyable time, usually by distracting my fellow players with song lyrics and puns. However when I play Ticket to Ride, I'm just trying to complete my tickets and that is my only goal. Sometimes I take a second goal of completing longest track since I don't like taking more tickets than I can definitely finish. Not finishing a ticket kinda stresses me out. Wow, looking at the TtR site shows they have a lot of options! I knew they had USA and Europe, but there's much more. ALSO it was recently added to Board Game Arena, which is an online spot to play board games virtually with friends from anywhere (but there are restrictions if they're on the same wifi as you because the system doesn't want you pretending to be multiple people). 

A: I'm not in it to win it, I'm in it to not come in last.
B: I'm in it to make someone else not win it.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Cosmetology vs Cosmology


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So I was pretty sure there is a field in astronomy that sounds similar to the study and application of beauty treatment, and it turns out - rather than looking at a page about all the space sciences - I could have got straight to the cosmetology page and seen the "Not to be confused with Cosmology" link. 
Anyways, this comic is spawned from a sermon where the pastor mentioned that men and women have different makeup and that took me down a path wherein lies another comic to be drawn about where men and women get their makeup products but also on this path is this comic about space. 

The joke is that the lady is talking about cosmetology, which is the study and application of beauty treatment, and the astronaut is talking about cosmology, which is a branch of physics and metaphysics dealing with the nature of the universe. The words sound similar but the fields are not. 

W: I'm into cosmetology.
A: Yay stars!
W: Yes, the Hollywood kind.
A: I don't know that galaxy. 

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Lovely Tennis Score


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So I don't know much about tennis but I did hear (in a Valentine's quiz thing) that "love" is what you call it when your score is zero, something about the French word for "egg" sounds like "love" and eggs are round like a zero. At my college, PE was required for most majors and the most popular class was tennis - they had so very many session of it. I did not want to get sweaty so I did ice skating and broom hockey - both took place on the ice rink and were very fun and kept me cool in the Florida humidity. 

A: How is your tennis score looking?
B: Lovely.
A: How unfortunate. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Wild King


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So there's a fun game called Five Crowns and we play it at my parents' and this happened. Honestly, those are all the lyrics that I know of the song. In the game, each round there's a new wild with the lowest card the first round, and working up to the king in the final round. It's a fairly easy-to-learn, fun game that can cause all the drama if you have dramatic people playing. 

Title: Playing Five Crowns
A: This round, kings are wilds.
M: 🎡 Wild King! 🎡
D: 🎡 You make my heart sing! 🎡 

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Pumpkin Guards


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So I have some little pumpkins on my front step because it's Fall and I started with four little gourds but then my husband asked about the number because he only saw three when he came in the house so I went and checked and there were only two!!! And then later there was only one left, and it had some bites taken out of it. So I have these little terracotta hedgehogs and I put them on either side of the last remaining pumpkin and while several more bites have been taken out of it, it hasn't been carried away! I have gotten more pumpkins to bring the number back to four, but kept the hedgehogs guarding (gourding?) the group and so far they are all still there so yay! 

L: They need to guard that pumpkin with their lives. *pointing at hedgehog statues*
S: But they aren't alive...
N: Gourd it???

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Dry Baby Wipes

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Why do we have paper towels in the diaper bag? Well, they are useful for drying up messes. Like when your kid drinks too much of your DD frozen hot chocolate and pukes it out on a cramped airplane flight. The flight attendant gave us a whole stack and I stuffed the extras in the bag for next time and thankfully there hasn't been a next time. Also, I'm more careful with what she eats when traveling (especially when traveling).

M: The wipes in that pocket are dry as a bone.
L: Those are paper towels.
L2: *silently judging*

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Bird Watching

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I like that they are looking different directions :) Just two people watching different birds. And I like my explanation that blackbirds level up and become red-winged blackbirds. Now to think through how a bird levels up - fighting in PokΓ©mon-style battles? Gathering the right items from a variety of side-quests? Studying hard and acing the test? Who knows. 

A: Is that a red-winged blackbird?
B: Nope, just a regular blackbird. He hasn't earned his stripes yet. 

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Cup of Honey

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My Mark says a cup of honey would not be good, and I agree. Having a cup of tea with some honey is a good thing, or putting honey on toast, but just honey as the star is a bit much. Song mashups are fun to do, especially if you are fortunate enough to be flipping through the radio stations and the songs just line up perfectly. This comic was sparked by two songs that I heard near each other, so probably in the same car trip, but not perfectly lined up as portrayed above. But it all clicked together in my head hence this earworm of a comic :)

A: 𝆕 Fill my cup, Lord! 𝆕
B: 𝆕 With honey from the Rock 𝆕

Note: I now realize the lyrics are "Honey in the Rock" but that doesn't quite fit my comic so I'm claiming artistic liberty. 

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Solid Choking Hazard

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Unpopular opinion here: I don't like the bubbles in bubble tea (boba). I like getting drinks from bubble tea places and I say "no pearls" because the drinks are tasty and I don't want to chew my drink. Unless it's frozen fruit in the drink, because that's tasty. But I'm really particular about texture, and tapioca pearls do not make my mouth happy. 

I'm quite happy with how my bubble tea drink turned out in this comic. It took a few tries. 

J: Can Lucy have boba?
L: No! That's a solid choking hazard.
J: It's not a solid, it's a gummy liquid.

Tuesday, October 4, 2022


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Happy Birthday to my nephew!
Yeah, you're gonna want to filter all your water, and maybe don't choose the sepia filter. That just sounds gross. Surely there's an aquatic filter, I wouldn't know as I don't usually do any primping on my photos other than adding text (I have a folder called "Commentary on Lucy" and it's all the photos of her with text over them to enhance the image with humor). The sepia filter reminds me of those photo booth shops on the beach boardwalk where you can get dressed up in whatever but the theme usually seemed western and the photos were all old-timey yellowed. 
I just realized I drew the characters' heads rather similarly. That was unintentional, or subconsciously intentional but it's hard to know when that happens.

Explanation: Using the "#unfiltered" tag on photos on social media means you didn't do any after-effects or photoshop on it. If you drink unfiltered water, your stomach is gonna have a bad time. 

A: Why did everyone get sick at that Instagram camp?
B: The water was #unfiltered.

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Idea Gathering

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If you are going to gather something, it needs to go in a basket. It's where you gather your herbs and mushrooms if you're a forager and where you gather your Easter eggs if you're a hunter. We have a dinosaur basket (looks something like this) and it's excellent and people who know me know that I got it before I had a kid but most people would just assume it's my child's instead of mine but now actually my child's because she has laid claim to it. 

L: What's with the basket?
D: I'm gathering ideas!
L: ... is that working?
D: Nope.