Tuesday, October 4, 2022


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Happy Birthday to my nephew!
Yeah, you're gonna want to filter all your water, and maybe don't choose the sepia filter. That just sounds gross. Surely there's an aquatic filter, I wouldn't know as I don't usually do any primping on my photos other than adding text (I have a folder called "Commentary on Lucy" and it's all the photos of her with text over them to enhance the image with humor). The sepia filter reminds me of those photo booth shops on the beach boardwalk where you can get dressed up in whatever but the theme usually seemed western and the photos were all old-timey yellowed. 
I just realized I drew the characters' heads rather similarly. That was unintentional, or subconsciously intentional but it's hard to know when that happens.

Explanation: Using the "#unfiltered" tag on photos on social media means you didn't do any after-effects or photoshop on it. If you drink unfiltered water, your stomach is gonna have a bad time. 

A: Why did everyone get sick at that Instagram camp?
B: The water was #unfiltered.

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