Sunday, October 23, 2022

Cosmetology vs Cosmology


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So I was pretty sure there is a field in astronomy that sounds similar to the study and application of beauty treatment, and it turns out - rather than looking at a page about all the space sciences - I could have got straight to the cosmetology page and seen the "Not to be confused with Cosmology" link. 
Anyways, this comic is spawned from a sermon where the pastor mentioned that men and women have different makeup and that took me down a path wherein lies another comic to be drawn about where men and women get their makeup products but also on this path is this comic about space. 

The joke is that the lady is talking about cosmetology, which is the study and application of beauty treatment, and the astronaut is talking about cosmology, which is a branch of physics and metaphysics dealing with the nature of the universe. The words sound similar but the fields are not. 

W: I'm into cosmetology.
A: Yay stars!
W: Yes, the Hollywood kind.
A: I don't know that galaxy. 

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